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  1. Did you download all the free content from the marketplace after WU6? Did you update all updatable content in the content manager? Looks like missing assets..
  2. Please try the procedure that is given by MS here: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015760660 Basically, install all pending Windows updates, logout from MS Store, reboot, login in MS store again and select MSFS from the installed apps. Then, the update should start downloading (at least, it was for me, while the XBox app didn't do anything good).
  3. Downloading the content update may have been so fast because many users could't download the app update in the MS store, and so there's less demand for the content update...
  4. I never managed to see those flamingos or seagulls, so I assume something is broken with fauna since long. On the other side, giraffes and elephants were there... Maybe the birds only appear during their breeding season 😆.
  5. I had the exact same impression - severely underpowered. My test flight was in the Rockies at 7000 ft, and it climbed with full throttle at barely 500 ft/min. So for mountain flying you need a lot of circling to gain altitude (if you have enough space for shallow turns!). Moreover, as the loitering speed of 70 kn is quite near the stall speed, you have to be careful to prevent tight curves as it WILL go into a spiral dive then. The controls feel a bit sluggish then, too. Another strange observation was that it doesn't want to descent when idle and with full flaps - instead the speed nears stall speed and it goes into a shallow descent. To go into a dive of -1500 ft/min you need LOTs of forward stick. Landing feels also a bit strange - for my feeling it has a too small tendency to slow down in ground effect with full flaps - instead you must fly it into the ground if you don't want to land long. EDIT: After reading through this thread https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/new-release-ea-7-edgley-optica-orbx/407493/100 it may be my bad: I came in with some 65 kn and nearing ground instinctively may have pulled up a bit due to the unfamiliar near ground in front of me. Given the fact that only a handfull of people have RL flying experience with this strange bird, and it's the first pusher in MSFS, it's no wonder that the flight dynamics might feel strange. Funny enough, the freeware version was overpowered and stalled at much too high speeds, so the ORBX version seems to be closer to the real thing. So, to sum it up, it's a nicely modeled sightseeing aircraft that can challenge you a bit.
  6. The aircraft might have a centrifugal clutch which decouples the prop from the engine when it's not running.
  7. The 103 was yesterday in the marketplace and I bought that cheap MSFS ultralight (admittedly I cannot memorize its unsexy name) and made a test run. It's purely for VFR low and slow sightseeing and must be flown with seat of the pants feeling - no instruments. You'll need the V key quite often as the compass is missing too, and unless you fly in your neighbourhood, you'll get lost very fast. No trim either makes cruising a bit unpleasant, as it needs some constant up elevator. It's well modeled, quite agile and has enough power for short takeoffs, and lands on a dime. Thus, a mixed bag - take it as kind of an overpowered paraglider and you'll be happy.
  8. It seems they have only removed the second page of the feedback snapshot. If you open the "web friendly version" (https://www.flightsimulator.com/feedback-snapshot) then you find #20 458 votes | Seasons | Started | 2021 Strange... But IIRC they mentioned some progress with seasons in some dev Q&A session. So let's hope they will improve the possibilities for floral design - I'm sure your work won't be obsolete. There's always room for improvement over the vanilla solution (remember the various trees for FSX and P3D).
  9. Imho it's better they get it right and fix first the many problems we have now, than rushing out another half-baked new feature. If you use Bijans trees, you will have the most important aspects (foliage and snow) covered already now.
  10. If someone would get the flight dynamics right, it could become one of my favourite VFR planes. Now it flies more like a C172 with great forward visibility and a dog. The available info about the plane sais: it cruises with 40% power at 70 kn, stall speed with full flaps 48 kn. The MSFS mod cruises at 100 kn, and I didn't manage to fly slower than 70 kn with full flaps, which are huge, but have little effect, just produce too little lift.
  11. I have 32 GB RAM and a RTX2070 with 8 GB, and since the last sim update I get horrible stutters. CPU usage mostly is <70%, GPU works at >95%. The RAM usage seems to have been limited a bit by this update, as MSFS now never uses more than 16 GB, while prior to the update peak RAM usage could be as high as 19 GB. So you might hold back the investigation into better hardware and wait for Asobo to fix the problem.
  12. My advice: don't alter anything in the trees, it's quite OK now as it comes from Bijan. I did several flights before and after the hotfix, and even with the "normal" maximum LOD setting of 200 trees are drawn far enough that I don't need more. Chock's screenshot showed it. At the end you want to have some FPS reserve for heavy PG cities or airports flying the FBW A320. Aside froms some small infrequent pauses (hey, we old simmers are accustomed to this, aren't we?) it runs nicely now. My greatest annoyances now are the cartoonish sunset colors with orange colored haze and the apron workers with taht didiculous pushback cart that don't step aside when I start taxiing. How many of them have I killed...🤣
  13. Update the app in the MS Store - the usual 1 GB. Fingers crossed that nothing will be worse than before 😁. Just beforwe the update I finished a nice helicopter flight from Brighton to Southampton (ship spotting) without too much FPS issues or stuttering.
  14. ROFL! It's a shame that you British left the EU, so boring now with only vdLeyen's perfect haircut. Your Boris is playing in a whole different league haircut-wise. 😁
  15. I reactivated my static cache, and since then I had noch CTD when flying in the cached area. So it seems to be fixed.
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