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  1. As MSFS for now has no thermals modeled and no towplane is available, you would have to slew the aircraft into some altitude and then glide down. At best, you could find some ridge lift that keeps you soaring. IMHO not worth the trouble.
  2. I do not know anything ingame to change lighting. Maybe some thirdparty aftereffects shader stuff? You should file a request for that on zendesk - the more people do it, the faster they will probably react.
  3. If you look into "10-asobo_species.xml" you find several rgb values for each kind of trees, like b="0.22" g="0.0" r="0.43". My bet is, that these are not for seasonal coloring (which would be done with shaders) but that there are raster files somewhere in the fs-base-cgl folder (kind of vegetation map) where it is color coded which kind of trees has to grow on a "pixel".
  4. I have time to clean my drives from old FSX/P3D downloads and other stuff, to order a beefy graphics card and some more ram, fire up P3D again after a long time - probably just to realize that it can now only be used for IFR training due to insufficient scenery fidelity 😁. Then, when the dust has settled, I will order my copy of Standard MSFS and enjoy it. Hopefully, by then someone lowered the minimum font size for the UI and published a key mapping chart. Ah, and a handbook for the A320.
  5. You can abort and start the app again! It will resume download where it stopped.
  6. Hi Jose, have you by chance increased the graphics scaling to over 100%? This is a huge framerate eater on weaker graphics cards. The beta worked quite well on my humble system with most settings on high, but I plan to upgrade RAM to 32 GB and buy a new graphics card (my old Geforce 970 is way too weak, made noise like a vacuum cleaner). All in all I'm impressed how well the performance is scalable in the sim.
  7. I had my rolling cache set to 50 GB during alpha and beta (which I used 4 hours ago for the last time - will miss those Gamertags all over the screen 😉). And tell you what? It was just filled with 12 GB of downloaded scenery in the end. Admittedly, I dont't do multi-hour airliner flights. But to give you a figure... Also, setting it to something like 500 GB seems not to help much, as scenery updates were announced for every some months, so you won't want to keep outdated scenery in your cache.
  8. You probably will have to use the Zendesk bug reporting and feedback system. At least this is the way beta testers give feedback. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new You will have to login using the email coupled to your gamertag. The level of detail: they have a form where you can choose entries and give your request in text form. You can add files (crash reports from the windows event log, screenshots ...) and describe the steps to reproduce an error (if possible 😏). The abovementioned beach umbrella surely is nothing you will want to report. There will be enough much more annoying things you'll have to report 😁 - not to be taken wrong: I mostly enjoyed the alpha and beta very much. It's just that Asobo raised the bar very much, and so are the expectations. As the Asobo leaders said in their latest web Q&A session, our feedback is very much appreciated. I think, a similar quality of feedback to the developers did not exist for P3D, not to mention FSX. Hope that helps.
  9. The abovementioned behavoir (HDR luminance adaptation) indeed tries to simulate the adaptation of human eye to bright light or shadow. To disable, you can use PTA (payware) or TomatoShade (freeware), and check the option "disable HDR luminance adaptation". Changing bloom to 0 in the P3D lighting settings migth help, too.
  10. Looking at EBKT in Google Earth it seems possible to guess the height of the buildings by their shadows. Most seem to be no taller than 7 meters.
  11. I assume you loaded a background image of the airport (from Google Earth or something else) into ADE? For the coordinates switch on the coordinate grid in GE! So you probaly could be able to take a screenshot of your scetchup aprons with exact coordinates of the top left and bottom right corner and add that to ADE?
  12. This probably won't happen: all runways, taxiways and aprons need highres textures that look good from 1 meter. The orthos at best have a resolution of some 30 cm. So, at least a generic highres runway texture must be blended over as you are approaching. But: to avoid visual inconsistencies the runway markings could not be part of that highres texture - a dilemma. The same is true for the synthetic taxiway lines that were criticised on many screenshots: the otho images show the real markings at a too low resolution. Btw., if you look at roads or highways in those screenshots, most have no overlay an look quite dull and often hard to recognize. Also the diffuse reflection of sunshine on smooth concrete or asphalt could only be modeled on overlay textures with the appropriate material tags.
  13. You'll have to wait until August 18th, as none of the testers has the Premium Deluxe version which includes these airports.
  14. Hi Kai, is this AFD-Convert tool available somewhere? I found a lot of nice FSX freeware airports for Namibia and other countries where the taxiway surfaces are nhot drawn in P3D 4. Repairing them manually with ADE is a time-consuming task... Regards
  15. Hi, I had the same problem. For me, logging out in the forums and then logging in again helped. It seems to be a similar problem as with accessing the Insider Area on the FS website.
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