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  1. rightseater

    FSX eyepoint (virtual cockpit)

    I'd like to get my hands on that spreadsheet Bert. If I understand correctly, I can basically manuever my position in the VC as I feel appropriate, then take information from the saved flight file, convert it with your spreadsheet, and end up with the three numbers I need to modify the eyepoint? If so, I'd bet a lot of folks would like those conversions you've done, especially since I have to modify the eyepoint for virtually every aircraft I buy.
  2. Same with me. I like the Saitek because it has a heavier feel which is perfect for the twin GAs I typically fly, but that detent is irritating. I wonder if someone here has cracked it open and found a way to get rid of that yet.
  3. rightseater

    Error on my old username

    I'll check into the problem with your old account and send you a PM shortly.
  4. rightseater

    Removing houses?

    You don't have to guess where the house is in ADE, you can just sync it up with your position in FSX.
  5. Thieves aren't welcome here at AVSIM. Goodbye.
  6. rightseater

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    I'll supply the actual aircraft. My offer from a few months ago still stands. I will make the G58 available for any quality developer. They can take all the pictures they want, take her up for a few flights, record any sounds they want, etc, etc, etc. I ask for nothing in return but to be able to purchase a quality authentic represenation of the Baron.
  7. rightseater

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Yep, since Carenado wants some feedback I'll do my part too.A Baron 55/56/58/58P/G58