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  1. what software you mean for PilotAtc? I never see this atc software for fsx
  2. VoxATC not have any control about terrain when vector you on final, so the only way to avoid crash on the montain on final vector, is to avoid the VoxAtc instructions. When he assign you the runway, just ask a full ILS approach with the exact following phraseology: N1151D request full ils runway 09 approach (of course you need to change the red parts with your callsign and the correct runway) Voxatc will let you fly the STAR and will ask you to report when stable on final. Personally I use everytime this method and all run smoothly. I Hope in the future relase VoxAtc will give the correct altitude based on the terrain level as a real ATC.
  3. Are you sure your windows speech recognizon is working properly? Go in control panel, then lunch speech recognizon and setup your microphone then start a training sesssion (inside speech recognition). Check if all this operations run fine.
  4. The flight plan trainer error is an issue of the v. 6.46 fixed in the v 6.49 For the fatal error: are you sure to laded the flight plan in FSX before to start voxatc?
  5. Today I test a new fligh: flight plan FROM ROUTEFINDER EGLC BPK UN601 LESTA EGCC FSX flight plan EGLC BPK POTON BEDFO EBOTO PIPIN LESTA EGCC SID=> BPK5U STAR DAYN1B (first wyp LESTA) I set weather of FSX on clear and no wind to avoid weather interaction . I used default fsx scenery. This time VOX not assigned me the SID but assigned me the STAR. So I guess is up to VOX give you or not the sid or the star even with correct wyp.
  6. Hi there My Voxatc setup is complete with the new navdata of leveld and correctly configurated. I create the flight plan with routefinder (enabling sid and star) then import it in flight sim commander and export the generated flightplan for FSX, and the FMC of pmfg aircraft. My flight plan start with the first waypoint of a SID and end with the first waypoint of the STAR. My problem is that often VOX assign me the SID for the departure but never assign me the STAR for the approach but everytime vector me to the runway. SO my question is: where I go wrong? I need to use different flight planner to export in FSX? Look like VOX not recognize my first waypoint of the star so not assign me any STAR. I would appreciate if someone can attach here a flightplan for FSX (.PLN) tested by himself where VOX assign the STAR, so I can import it and check if I get the same experience. Any suggestion is welcome
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