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    I have been flight simming since 1985, I have a UK CAA CPL licence, I hold an ATC FISO licence and I work in ATC as a Simulator Systems Specialist ... I get to make and play with 'Big Boys Toys'.
  1. Good job ... I've been working on the whole of the UK for about a year but its stalled due to the lack of time at the moment, its almost done, may complete over the winter. The plan is or should I say was, to re-write the whole world to correct data (I'm 70% of the way working through about 500,000 lines of code). Will release when done. Keep up the good work. Rich
  2. For me its the B-17 with my added (freeware) Voice Control Checklists http://youtu.be/iOmvMruvWHg
  3. Try this ... http://www.rcsimulations.co.uk/shop/article_Fixed%2520Wing%2520Adaptor1/Flight-Sound-X-Aviation-Headset-Adaptor-for-Real--Headset--Stock-Now-available.html?sessid=wRseBAFqONEQP3cSlvXOsmE2JIKsWSZW9szKN4lOBOAUPZny03f9SvkFoSKO46eG&shop_param=cid%3D40%26aid%3DFixed%2520Wing%2520Adaptor1%26
  4. If you can afford it get VOXATC with the added four TTS voices (demo available), it controls its own generated AI (from your AI traffic program), you talk just as a pilot would in real life (it adds realistic cockpit workload with ATC), works really well and is closest you will get. If you cant/don't want to pay for VOXATC, Radar Contact would be the one to go for. RC is not being actively developed and shows its age in some areas but it does have support ... and ... it works.
  5. Voxatc traffic can be a bit low in the air at times but when en route in real life how much traffic can you really see? Especially with weather, too easy to bring up an AI teaffic window to see whats around. I think where VOXATC wins hands down it by you talking to ATC, nothing else comes as close to real life, if you dont wana talk you can get your 1st officer to do the coms. I'll be honest dont know why people accept pressing buttons to reply/talk to ATC, we strive for realisim yet were happy to press buttons to communicate, bit 1980's tech nowdays. Guess anyone whos looking for replacement ATC really needs to have a think about what they want to get out of it. None are perfect and all have good points and bad. This topic started as RC or ProATC, my choice would be RC, to be frank i dont know what the Pro of PRO ATC X refers to, ive watched all the youtube vids and seen my buddies proatcx, in my oppinion (as real world cpl, atc & a real world atc simulator developer) pro atc commands a high $ price for a beta standard product lacking features any basic atc program should have. If you want a combined flight planner and WIP atc then pro atc may be right for you but i would spend your £€ or $ wiseley, rem you could get RC & PFE for the cost of pro atc. The subject of which prog is best is always going to be ones personal choice. My personal selection order would be VOXATC (closest to real world use & cockpit workload) Radar Contact (IYP good addon with it) PFE Pro ATC X (last cuz it needs alot of work still) As i said before what ever you get enjoy it
  6. VOXATC is my fav ATC, more true to life (esp as im a cpl and work in ATC) and want it as close as poss. Its not perfect but its good, its still being developed and adds to the cockpit workload as in real life ... Can you hack it?!? ... Biggest down point is the cost, but does come with 4 TTS voices and you can add more. Top tip, dont use UT2 with it, works fine but too many of those darn deadlus aircraft are injected (not voxat's fault) i use Traffic X and works fab. I have used Radar Contact in the past and last few days been giving it another go ... Was a bit like meeting an old girlfriend, easy to get on with, no hassle and easy to use, shows its age in areas but wen you get it going it does the job. Got a new key from JD with 2 hours and we exchanged couple of emails in that time. RC might not be in further development but support is 100% A1. Ive looked at pro-atc x, it has some nice features but its a long way off, no spoken airline is a basic requirement and it cant even do that!! Seems to have more flight planning features than ATC, i want an ATC program not yet another flight planner! My opinion ... They all have good and bad points, if you could get all the developers to join forces u'd have one helll of a ATC program. If you have the cash and want as real as poss IMO VOXATC, talking gets it not button pressing! Good performer with track record and good support Radar Contact. You can get IYP which adds voice contact with ATC and a FS2Crew style co-pilot. PFE ??? Dunno ... But it looks like it has some good features, i might have a short fling with it, think its worth a punt but wont stop me using VOXATC. What ever you get enjoy it and welcome to the world of ATC. Rich
  7. I dont use ProATC but I do use VOXATC, as a RW CPL and working in UK ATC here is my views in a nutshell. VOXATC is easy and quick to setup, setup your buttons, run the Indexer and that is it really apart from loading a flight with a saved flight plan. Traffic? I used UT2 and gave up due to large amount of Deadlus painted aircraft IMO ... pants, also i think you still need UT Bridge which means VOXATC can see your UT2 aircraft to inject, may account for your lack of traffic. I now use Traffic X 5.4 and am very happy with the results. Closestive come to a ProATC type of ATC is Radar Contact, liked that but not very good at controlling traffic also pressing buttons and listening to your reply is not very real world. Chatter is good and think ProATC does a good job at that, am i happy to press buttons or use a on screen GUI to talk to ATC .. No. If you want to 'talk' to ATC the is only one choice right now .. VOXATC, it isnt perfect (no ATC program is right now) but it does two things very well, it lets you talk with your voice and it realalisticley adds to the cockpit workload just as in real life (if you want you can have your co-pilot handle the coms). I think the biggest drawback with VOXATC is the cost, nearly £90 (uk) but that does come with 4 TTS voices which sound good and much better than robotic ones used by most of the other offerings. Other TSS voices can be added BUT they cost! Be prepaired to spend nearly £160 for VOXATC and 3 Ivona voices ... Ivona voices are the best by far IMO. I think PROATC will get a talking upgrade in the future but when and how good/real is to be seen. VOXATC dosent really tax ur system and you can (if you want/need to) tell it to use a spacfic CPU core, ive never needed to. If i didnt fly in real life and work in ATC what would i buy? Prob PROATC. Knowing what I know and wanting to get as close as I can what would i buy? VOXATC. When ur flying, navigating, managing your aircrafts systems, talking to ur co-pilot (inc case of NGX & FS2Crew) and having to talk to ATC being vectored for an ILS, prob in IMC ... Maybe at night and RAAS starts talking to you along with the GPWS .. Is it close to real? .. Yep .. do i want to press buttons? No. Anyway ... gone ob a bit here, what ever choice you make .... Welcome to the world of ATC and most of all enjoy. Rich
  8. I had the same issue but only when flying the NGX, tried everything never found the answer, I came to the decision the PC wasnt up to it ... bought a top of the line PC and no probs after that, just cost me £1,400 though!!! Hope you find the answer. Rich
  9. Boys and girls ... This is a little gem ... Bryan and the team have created a great peace of software that works really well. It works with any aircraft and any scenery which is reason enough to get it ... but ... combine it with PMDG's NGX and FS2Crew and you have one sweet setup. Enjoy Rich RAASPro Beta Tester
  10. Massimo Thank you sir for your continued effort with SPAD. The three main add-on utils i NEVER fly without are TRACKIR/EZDOK, LINDA & SPAD. Fellow pilots ... If you have Saitek panels get SPAD. Thank you again Rich
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