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    I have been flight simming since 1985, I have a UK CAA CPL licence, I hold an ATC FISO licence and I work in ATC as a Simulator Systems Specialist ... I get to make and play with 'Big Boys Toys'.
  1. Capt Richardo

    UK Airspace Project

    Good job ... I've been working on the whole of the UK for about a year but its stalled due to the lack of time at the moment, its almost done, may complete over the winter. The plan is or should I say was, to re-write the whole world to correct data (I'm 70% of the way working through about 500,000 lines of code). Will release when done. Keep up the good work. Rich
  2. Capt Richardo

    Best A2A Wings Of Power accusim airplane?

    For me its the B-17 with my added (freeware) Voice Control Checklists
  3. Capt Richardo

    Voice activated checklists

    Not really interested in doing, GA. My aim was to cover aircraft I use that are not covered by FS2Crew. I have two projects in mind but no start dates yet. The Avsim download is the latest ver with all the crew included. Rich
  4. Capt Richardo

    Voice activated checklists

    The soundtracks were freeware download, took ages to find the right ones, from memory I searched for suspense and inspirational freeware intros. Whole project took 9mths to complete with help from voice artists from the USA. I wanted to create a feeling of a living crew. The Co-pilot (John Turner) did a wonderful job getting the tone right for all the recordings, over 400 from memory. The vid doesn't show the crew interaction as its want complete when I created the demo video. Its available for download via the Avsim library. Ive got other projects lines up ... just need the time!! I also have a Voice Controlled Checklists facebook page ...
  5. Capt Richardo

    Voice activated checklists

    I have created an A2A Simulations B-17 package with full crew interaction using this, check out my demo video http:/
  6. Capt Richardo

    Favourite Plane Right Now

    1. DCS A-10C (just getting into DCS) 2. A2A B-17 3. PMDG NGX Rich
  7. Capt Richardo

    Three FSX Problems - All Related?

    Pre SSD my loading times were around 3mins, after installing a SSD its now around 25 seconds ... so worth it, who said you can't buy time!!
  8. I have one for emergency use and use it at work when needed. Its a good basic stick. By-the-by just bought a Thrustmaster Warthog, now thats serious class and quality. If you ever get in the position to get one go for it as its a serious bit of kit
  9. Capt Richardo

    English Electric Canberra PR.9

    IMHO JF deffo did a good job on this one, please let them continue with level of product
  10. Abt a year ago i bought several mesh's and had no problems, infact i had very good support to get a free world mesh that was on offer wen i bought. At the time i did find the website a bit old fassioned and not the easyest to get around but no probs buying stuff. I wouldnt think twice about using again.
  11. I have FSX & my OS on one SSD (i also use a 1tb hdd for none esential FSX items/storage and a 2nd 2tb HDD for backups). Using a single SSD works ok, i still get the added benifit of a SSD ... but ... i will at some point add a 2nd SSD for my OS, when i originally upgraded to a SSD i wish i added a second for the OS cuz i think it would have helped my system even more.
  12. Capt Richardo

    Just Flight 787 coming soon

    A F-Lite version, low effort version to maximise income. I dont think people really want this style of product, well the serious simmers dont i guess. What a shame ... I have their PR9 and its very nice, i thought it was the start of JF upping their game obviously not (I know there is a Tornado brewing). Saw a vid from Froogle were he states there is a masive drop in FS software sales affecting everyone. I guess this is part down to the likes of PMDG & A2A producing high end ultra realistic products and customers now want quality not somthing knocked out quickly. Guess this fills a gap in the short term until someone builds a 'NGX/777 level' 787 allowing them to cash in on a small gap in the market. Pocket money product for kids and casual simmers IMHO. Developers please give us feature rich, ultra realistic products that operate the same as the real thing, thats where the money is now and developers who are taking that route are reaping the rewards.
  13. Capt Richardo

    To SSD or not?

    Get a SSD and as large as you can afford. Your FSX loading times will be seconds and although on the surface you probably wont notice a huge diffrence a SSD is probably the best hardware upgrade you can invest in. Keep ur HDD for non essential programs, storage or backups, good combo IMO.
  14. Capt Richardo

    Aerosoft EE Lightning released

    Very well done, nicely put together.
  15. Capt Richardo

    VOXATC Issues

    What ver of VOXATC are you using? Have you run the indexer? Is the Level D nav data installed and its location set up in the VOXATC config? Are you loading a flight with a saved FSX flight plan? Is the flight plan IFR or VFR? Have you opened the 2nd window to see whats been said ... just incase you missed an instruction its looking for a readback. Have you pressed '0' to see if any options are avialabe? If you are in a flight opened with a flight plan (or with 6.46 loaded a flight plan) and everythings loaded on when you start VOXATC you shouldnt have too many issues. Rich