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  1. I very much appreciate the update, good job, Pierre-Gilles. I have responded to your PM with regards to the PDF as well.
  2. Hi there,I don't actually have the original images anymore so I can't edit them, though I could perhaps help you if you could tell me what steps are troubling you?
  3. I could redo it in PDF format if you'd like?
  4. Woops!Thanks for pointing that out! I did my best to check that there was no errors but this one slipped! I would correct it but in order to do that I would have to ask one of the moderators to replace the badly behaving panel with an edited one, since I can't edit the original post myself :(.
  5. Not a problem, sir! I hope it was of assistance to you.Cheers
  6. I'm just glad my efforts have gone appreciated!Cheers
  7. No it doesn't have to be held. It's spring loaded to the centre position so you only have to click it over to start the pumps.Happy Flying,Andrew
  8. Hello,As promised, a guide on starting the JS41. This method has been done according to the AOM and Tutorial Flight PDF. It is tried and tested in a variety of situations. This tutorial is intended to be used by those having trouble starting their JS41. It makes use of the unfeather switch and assume that the properllers are in the feathered position, and thus causing the problem in the first place. This situation occurs in the Tutorial Flight.NOTE: IN STEP 2 PUSH THE SWITCH TO THE LEFT AND THEN TO THE RIGHT IN ORDER TO UNFEATHER BOTH PROPS SIMULTANEOUSLY. UNBENKNOENST TO ME AT THE TIME OF WRITING I WAS UNAWARE THAT BY PUTTING THE POWER LEVERS BACK TO THE IDLE POSITION AFTER UNFEATHERING ACTIVATES THE STOP LATCHES WHICH HOLD THE PROPS IN THE UNFEATHERED POSITION. THIS MEANS WHEN YOU START ENGINE NUMBER 2 YOU ONLY HAVE TO TURN THE MASTER START SWITCH TO R GND AND PRESS THE RIGHT ENGINE START SWITCH.-Andrew McCluskey
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