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  1. I believe I remember Kyle or Ryan saying having ASN on different computer might/would be an issue.
  2. Me either Taylor...I'll recover from the injuries sustained kicking myself..lol
  3. Ok, working now. What this knucklehead did... I rebooted the box, loaded up ASN..went to VHHH with rain..went into sim Voila...it works Not sure if that is going to help a single one, but that is what I did.
  4. David, you made a good point and no..did not check that. Dang it...and I knew better too...will check that now
  5. Mine appears not to function as well. Tried most of the things you have described as well. I am sure someone will chime in.
  6. I see that I might have made a mistake in defending someone here. If that is the case, I man up and admit I screwed up! Am not into thieves...period.
  7. Julian, I agree with you and thank you for what you said.
  8. Thank you Jon, and the others (you know who you are) who walk the path less traveled.
  9. To the OP, I apologize on behalf of those who jumped to conclusions and burned you at the stake, since none of them has seen fit to do so. You have taken the higher road and helped without biting back,
  10. I believe these fellas are still in the recovery phase down under, and along with that, their ability to communicate is compromised.You did hear or know about what happened there?It does take time..a lot of time..to recover from epic natural and un-natural disasters.I have received nothing but prompt and top notch help/service from David in the past.That was before having their butts kicked by the storms.Extending grace is something that would be go a long way.
  11. I picked up your Grant paint job. I really like it.I saw a Grant Caravan at Lake Hood yesterday (different tail number).Your paint sure looks spot on.
  12. Those look real good Jan.This plane is a purchase ya won't regret!
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