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  1. dusty_sourdough

    Problems with time compression 8x

    Am currently in the air..am using compression at times (up to 4X). Have not experienced any issue. I use accel through the FMC, not the clock. I hope there is an easy resolution for those of you having trouble.
  2. dusty_sourdough

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Nice shots Gabriel!!
  3. dusty_sourdough

    Tutorial 2

    Ryan stated he has a lot on his plate, that he plans on getting it done & out in a few months (Nov. or Dec.) He said this in a post somewhere here in the forums.
  4. Would you tell me how? Or point me in the direction to find out how to accomplish this with FSUIPC? Thank you in advance.
  5. dusty_sourdough

    Weather Radar not working with ASN

    I believe I remember Kyle or Ryan saying having ASN on different computer might/would be an issue.
  6. dusty_sourdough

    Thank you PMDG

    Amen to all the above...thank you.
  7. dusty_sourdough

    Weather Radar not working with ASN

    Me either Taylor...I'll recover from the injuries sustained kicking myself..lol
  8. dusty_sourdough

    Weather Radar not working with ASN

    Ok, working now. What this knucklehead did... I rebooted the box, loaded up ASN..went to VHHH with rain..went into sim Voila...it works Not sure if that is going to help a single one, but that is what I did.
  9. dusty_sourdough

    Weather Radar not working with ASN

    David, you made a good point and no..did not check that. Dang it...and I knew better too...will check that now
  10. dusty_sourdough

    Weather Radar not working with ASN

    Mine appears not to function as well. Tried most of the things you have described as well. I am sure someone will chime in.
  11. dusty_sourdough

    Dancing in the night

    Very nice shots indeed.
  12. Thank you Ryan. Really looking forward to tomorrow...for obvious reasons.
  13. yes, that would be a true match...made in pixel-land
  14. I so love this paint on the queen, not used to it on the T7
  15. She is a beauty...true words spoken right there. Thank you again Steve for this masterpiece.