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  1. Have problem to sign into the PMDG support page, who can help?
  2. Did meanwhile make 3 flights (each over 3 hrs) without any problems and today, again same strange behaviour. Suddenly during climb with 1200ft/min at 150 kts IAS at around 15000 ft aircraft suddenly started to turn ending in uncontrollable turns, climbs till stalling. Again, trim seemed to be the problem: during the normal climb, the trim was around -4 and during the strange behaviour again I noticed +12! I'M out of ideas now, especially as I can not reproduce it. @Peter: do you use the GTN750 under P3Dv4.1?
  3. Of course it does not stay at those numbers, as the aircraft gets totally crazy and due to the strange trim settings it starts to climb until stalling. When turning off the AP i have to put full pressure on the stick to prevent the aircraft from climbing (due to the strange trim value). But maybe the problem lies elsewhere, cause when I closed the sim, restarted P3D and repeated the flight everything was ok. I'm currently investigating something different and will report back
  4. No, trim at TO was zero; did another flight today; climbed with 1500ft and 150kts, 37psi, watched trim which went down to -7, AP on, NAV hold on, all good, but then it started banking to the left and right more and got out of control, trim went up in this case up to +10. And yes I had many flights with out issues, always the same: start sim, load a fligtplan with real weather (Active Sky for P3dv4)
  5. Torque was as you said around 39 psi, flaps 15, but retracted above 110kts, but will watch trim closer on next flight. but strange thing is that it also happened in level flight.
  6. Checked this on another flight and the elev trim indeed behaves weird with up to +10° Strange thing is that I could use a climb rate of 2000ft without problems, speed was in all cases between 130 and 150 kts
  7. I've done numerous flight now, but sometimes during flight the P12 suddenly gets totally out of control. Example: flying on a loaded flightplan, after take-off at around 1000ft turn on AP, set cruise alt to 20.000 ft, climbrate 1800ft, everything ok but then aircraft suddenly starts to climb till stall warning comes up, aircraft turns elsewhere, looses flightpath. After turning off AP and flying manually, i can stabilize the aircraft somehow, but when turning on AP again, same mess, weired climb behaviuor and never finds back to the flightpath and finally I have to abort the flight. No errors/warnings on the CAWS come up. Flying in P3Dv4.1 under Windows 10
  8. You have to load it from your sim via the Flightplaner menu.
  9. Just gave it a try and increased the usable fuel to 290 gal per tank. So exceeding the TOW with only 2 person on board (typical for a ferry flight) is very unlikely. And after making a short test flight for 1 hr, I didn't fell any noticable change in flight characteristic except that you have a heavier aircraft, like one with more passengers/cargo.
  10. Or increasing the usable fuel in the [fuel] section, but no idea what kind of other impact that would have. Thinking of virtually installing something like this: http://www.turtlepac.com/products/collapsible-aircraft-ferry-tanks/
  11. Anybody knows how to modify the aircraft.cfg to get the max possible range of 2300 nm for ferry flights? Greets Otto
  12. Downloaded and installed the 747 today and same problems as many others: I'm not asked for the license key after loading the 747, having no gear, black instruments etc. What I did so far: - installed the 747 on P3Dv4 (no HF1), problem as described - installed simconnect modules as suggested, although simconnect was already installed, problem as described - removed FSUIPC, problem as described - uninstalled and reinstalled the 747, problem stiil not solved Ticket opened
  13. 2 other typos:page 12 correctPress LSK 2L to connect GROUND POWER and LSK 4L to connect the AIR CONDITIONING UNIT.page 25 correctLine select the copied coordinates into LSK 4R.
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