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  1. Most of the maint pages can only be accessed by maint personnel as per the a/c maint manuals, flight manuals, etc.. On a CRJ700/900 there is a switch behind the capt chair on the bulkhead that will display the maint menus/actions on either PFD1 or PFD 2. This would not be something you want to do in flight. Not to mention Bombardier prohibits the use of the "lil red switch" by flight crew. Thanks JR Just another tid bit.. On the DHC8 100/200's, next to the captains left knee there are 4 switches for maint use. 2 are for trimming the engines and the other two are for pulling/clearing fault codes from each engines ECU. A bit more old school than modern boeings & regionals, but very useful when troubleshooting engine problems during runs and rigging. Thanks JR
  2. He works for the same company that I do. We are a MRO that "specializes" in regional jets. Currently at our location in FL we have 3 DHC8-202's in the hangar. 2 of them our going through 40K inspections (just about the heaviest check you can do on a dash 8. Every inspection that DHC8 gets in maint. is done on a 40k +/- a few.), the 3rd just went through a C check and we will be doing a B check on it. Long live the DHC8 Maint Manuals............ nuff said. haha As far as the difference between a Q series and a "non-Q series;" The Q series for is equipped with a ANVS system. Brief Description of the system: "A. The Active Noise And Vibration System (ANVS) is installed in the passenger compartment to decrease the noise and vibration caused by the aircraft propellers. B. The ANVS supplies secondary noise and vibration fields in the passenger compartment that cancel the original noise and vibration fields. C. The ANVS goes into the active control mode when the Aircraft (A/C) pressure and tachometers are in range. D. The ANVS resets when the Weight−On−Wheels (WOW) input shows that the A/C has landed." In laymens terms, there are a few dozen small microphones installed throughout the cabin the pickup noise levels in the cabin while in flight. These levels are computed in the NVS computer and then the NVS controller sends signals to several thumpers (Mini subwoofers) installed in the cabin the emit low freq sound. The sound emitted by the thumpers is at the same frequency, if you will, as the vibrations throughout the cabin caused by the props "pushing" air against the cabin. This therefor cancels out the vibrations caused by the props and less noise is heard and felt within the cabin. To put it even more simple, haha, Noise & vibration from the props is being canceled out by noise being emitted from the thumpers. Its pretty cool when we have to calibrate the ANVS during maint. You have to keep the hangar quite for a few hours while these thumpers rumble away and the system calibrates its self. There are a few other differences in the Q series as compared to a "traditional" DHC8 but there isn't anything major. Thanks JR
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