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  1. Most of the maint pages can only be accessed by maint personnel as per the a/c maint manuals, flight manuals, etc.. On a CRJ700/900 there is a switch behind the capt chair on the bulkhead that will display the maint menus/actions on either PFD1 or PFD 2. This would not be something you want to do in flight. Not to mention Bombardier prohibits the use of the "lil red switch" by flight crew. Thanks JR Just another tid bit.. On the DHC8 100/200's, next to the captains left knee there are 4 switches for maint use. 2 are for trimming the engines and the other two are for pulling/clearing fault codes from each engines ECU. A bit more old school than modern boeings & regionals, but very useful when troubleshooting engine problems during runs and rigging. Thanks JR
  2. Just uninstalled all JS41 livs and then the aircraft. Reinstalled and the door works. Didnt use DVA Acars and just a quick test flight.JR
  3. RgrI have dva acars. Its installed on a sep computer and run via widefs. I'll have to play around with it and see if uninstalling dva fixes the issue.JR
  4. The only addons I use with the J41 are ASX FSUIPC/WideFS. It used to work for me now problems but past few weeks it stopped working. And I havnt done any major systems changes lately.Is anyone useing NHancer while having this problem?JR
  5. Im having the same problem... door wont open but all other animations work great.... on the ground no engines running latty datty dah...JR
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