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  1. I am watching this topic. I too am interested in the comparison between both iFly and PMDG. The iFly is still on sale for a few more days and I am inching closer to that one. I have no high level 737 in my current stable. Not into simulating failures but I want a nice 737 with a decent semi high level systems. So I am thinking for me the iFly will be a good choice since I am really an intermediate level flight simmer and want to learn more. I am not up there with the pros yet!
  2. egguzman

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    This TrueSky. It was in the Dovetail FSW Simulator correct? It's too bad that FSW got canceled. I was really looking forward to the completion but sadly it fell through. Still have it installed in my PC, don't know why......I don't touch it anymore.......Wondering if FSW can still be salvage by another developer?..No?
  3. egguzman

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available
  4. egguzman

    Bob Scott's Promotion

    Congrats Bob...Best wishes in your new position....I'll try not to give you a hard time! Just kidding!....Good Luck!
  5. egguzman

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    SkyFarce...come on now...That's not really fair to say. Sure they are having some issues but they are working hard to get it right. Give them some slack. I have no problems with SkyForce..
  6. egguzman

    GTN 750 on a Tablet?

    Hi Bob, I haven't notice any frame drops with my IPad. Maybe a little but it is manageable, to me anyway. Maybe on some low-end tablets it might cause loss of frames so it might depend on the processor on the tablet/Ipad. I am using a relatively new 2017 Ipad with 32gb and a quad core processor so that might be why I have pretty good frames. Also, when using it my router is near me so I am getting a good WIFI signal as well...
  7. egguzman

    GTN 750 on a Tablet?

    I use a program call SpaceDesk. It works really well on my IPad 32gb 2017 version..I think it also works with any tablets and it is free...Check it out.
  8. egguzman

    Ifly 737NG 30% off

    lol..I know. Oh well, still a good deal. I might pick it up. Since I don't have any of the PMDG version and want a decent 737NG for my collection.
  9. egguzman

    Ifly 737NG 30% off

    Humm. Was it always $80 for P3D? I remember it being around $60-69 for the P3D version. Still not a bad deal 30% off of $80..comes to about $55+.....
  10. egguzman

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Thoughts and prayers to you and family. Go and beat this insidious thing called Cancer. I know you will WIN! God Bless You Sir.
  11. egguzman

    update install on top of?

    Thanks Jean-Luc. I'll do that instead. Much appreciate the support! Love the add on very much. Make the Flight Sim experience much better.
  12. egguzman

    update install on top of?

    Hi Jean, Well the update automatically defaulted to my Windows System folder when I clicked yes to update. I didn't notice if it was a zip file or not. I thought that was unusual and I just canceled the update. Normally if I receive an update of any kind it either default to the actual program directory or my download folder. That is where I have all my downloads go. It just seem strange that the update installer pointed to the Windows/System directory. I'll see if I get prompt to update the program again and I will change the default directory folder that this update is telling me to download since you are now saying that it is just a zip file with the update. Strange, this never happen to me before with any updates....Will advise.....thanks!
  13. egguzman

    update install on top of?

    Yes, I received an update notice for my RXP.750 When I said yes to update, it defaulted to my windows Systems folder. Is that correct or do I need to point the installer to where the gamin 750 is installed?
  14. egguzman

    TFDi 717 + SLI Review

    That's too bad. I was thinking of adding this nice looking plane to my hanger. But these CTD horror stories are scaring me! $60 is a lot of $$$ and if it doesn't work right or as expected.... yikes! I'll be really sad. Not liking what I am reading here about the 717 to make the purchase until I know you guys that have it are happy with it and working without no intermittent CTD issues.
  15. egguzman

    FPL in the QW757 P3D4

    I think you have to export into the QualityWings FP format in Simbrief. I think there is an option for that in the flight planner.