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  1. Thanks Rob, much appreciate your expert advice Thanks again!
  2. Hi Rob, Ouch! I've been using CCleaner all this time!...I didn't realise it was a target for hackers..thanks for the info Rob...., What would you recommend as a replacement for CCleaner? I know you are an expert guru on computers hardware/software stuff. Thanks again!
  3. Maybe Sesquashtoo can do it..would love to see it in action....
  4. Yes, that is what I am saying. I use Nvidia Inspector with P3D 4.5 and when I upgraded to the newest driver I selected "Clean Install" as the option which I normally never do but did this time...don't ask me why.lol so when I did I lost all my NI settings that I had. The NI profiles setting were taken from this site below which I always have the link saved when I mess up like I did: https://www.simforums.com/forums/nvi-w7810-driver-setup-fsx-fsxse-and-p3d-update_topic59954.html Also, I always use the GForce Experience tool to update the drivers. I have an EVGA GTX 1080Ti I think that was my issues since I am not getting anymore black flickering on the Virtual Cockpit or anywhere else.
  5. Hello, Well I tried something else before downgrading the drivers. I remember when I was updating to the new Nvidia drivers I selected the option to do a clean installed and it erased my Nvidia Inspector(NI) settings. So I had to redo them. Once I did it came back to normal. So I am guessing that it was Nvidia Inspector that was my issue. I still believe it is the new drivers that could be causing it because I don't remember having this issues even with "Not" adjusting anything in NI....I'll need to do more research...I'll let you know as soon as I have some time.
  6. I'm having the same issue as well. It started when I upgraded to the latest Nvidia graphic drivers. I am going to go back to the previous version and see if that fixes it.
  7. Thanks again Alex...I will follow your recommendations. Love using your addon! Regards
  8. Hi Alex, thanks for the reply..much appreciated. Yes,maybe I did use the save Approaches or Save Waypoints for SID and STAR? option. I'll check again. I didn't think of that before. The only reason I believe I used that option was because I still wanted to have the Sid waypoints on my flight plan. But that first waypoint the departure "RWY07 for example I don't need/want. That is the only issue I have but I can live with it. Your program is so good. I just wanted to see if there was an option I was missing. If this is the way it is that's fine. Other than that what a excellent program you've created!. and Thank you for making it. Thanks again!!
  9. Love this neat utility/planner. I've been using it a lot lately since I just found out about it. I have a question. Is there a way to remove the first waypoint when I add the SiD to my flight plan without removing the whole SID procedure? I use the On-Course ATC addon PF3 and this runway waypoint that Little Map generates conflicts with it and causes problems and the way point is too close to the next waypoint. In working with LN to figure things out I did kind of circumvented my problem by creating the flight plan and saving it and then loading it again and doing an Map Edit function. But that process is time consuming and tedious. I might be doing something wrong. Is there an easier way of getting rid of that "Runway" Waypoint? I must be missing a step or feature of LN. Thanks in advance!
  10. Funny Funny you mention this, I had a almost similar issue. After the experimental update (which by the way wouldn't update while the sim was loading so had to restart the sim when I notice CP did not load because of it) also couldn't get my Xbox One buttons to register input presses and when it did it was very very slow. It was very strange and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I rebooted and still the same problem. Then I decided to unplug replug the joystick pad from my USB hub then all of a sudden it worked as normal again!
  11. AIG no question. The models are beautiful and updated all the time. Try it and you will see how easy it is to figure out on how to install. Just need to do a little reading/research to get it how you want or how much AI you want in your P3D simulator, or ask the experts here on Avsim!
  12. Disregard...already purchased with the coupon code that was on the item page!...thanks Bryan for providing it!..much appreciated. Hi Bryan, Would love to get a coupon code deal for the iFly FS2Crew for P3d4. I brought the airplane a few months ago. I have an the FS2C voice for the FSX default 737 and Wilco PIC 737 for which I don't use anymore. Can I get a code since I am a past customer of those? Thanks!
  13. I am watching this topic. I too am interested in the comparison between both iFly and PMDG. The iFly is still on sale for a few more days and I am inching closer to that one. I have no high level 737 in my current stable. Not into simulating failures but I want a nice 737 with a decent semi high level systems. So I am thinking for me the iFly will be a good choice since I am really an intermediate level flight simmer and want to learn more. I am not up there with the pros yet!..lol
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