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  1. Is there any chance of an ATA livery?I know that the airline don't exist anymore, but it had a very nice livery, at least in my opinion
  2. Wow that looks impressive.. i'm speechless.
  3. Bumping this one, wondering if there's any painters that may want to do this livery. Hoping for an answer, whether it's a positive or negative answer.Also want to thank all the painters in here that's doing some absolutely fantastic paints
  4. I Would like to request a paint for the 737-700, which is the good old Braathens livery. Although the airline don't exist anymore today, as it was purchased by SAS, the livery was in my opinion a very nice one.I know it's a selfish request, as i doubt there's many Norwegians/Scandinavians in this forum, but i hope some painters may want to at least consider it.Here's at least a link to the picture of the first 737 NG that was delivered to Braathens, which today is painted in the SAS livery:LN-TUA
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