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  1. Thanks mrlip, but that didn't work neither.
  2. Yes, several times. Thing is, Envdir is freeware and only a tool necessary to run envtex,envshade etc, which is payware. Envdir is easily downloadable on their site ( unfortunately only the latest version..) , but on not simmarket where i bought Mr. Tex and Shade. These installers will download envdir when installing, then again only the latest version which is not working for lots of us.
  3. Yes, and is not working for me, and many others on their forums.
  4. ..and Toga projects support seems to have disappeared. Seems to be a common issue, judging from the toga forums. It stopped working after updating to envdir Does anyone have the installer for envdir by any chance? Thanks!
  5. The 330 is decent, get's the job done. But nowhere near FSL standards, naturally. I use the 330 every now and then and think its fine.
  6. I had that issue in 5.1, without having KFLL installed. LatinvFr KMIA and LEMD were basically unusable for me with a RTX2080 8GB.
  7. Hi, Did a complete uninstall and reinstalled 5.2 from scratch. When toggling through the ctrl-z menus, it eventually freezes and will not toggle anymore. IE getting stuck at fps+vram, or speed/altitude, and refusing to change "mode". Anyone experienced this?
  8. LatinVFR is the only airport I've experienced this so far in p3dv5. Unusable for me. Running a RTX2080 8GB
  9. Very nice scenery, but quite FPS thirsty for its small size.
  10. I don't recommend this, it's already outdated. Unless you get it for dirt cheap. The textures look like FS2004. And on their forums, Aerosoft claims they have no plans of updating it (other than bug fixes).
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