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    Simmer since Flight Simulator 5.0 and now an airline pilot flying a Q400 across the Canadian skies.
  1. jalexb88

    Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2007..

    Have you guys heard of Project Apollo/NASSP? Its an open-source project for Orbiter 2010, which currently has a near full implementation of the CSM instrument panels, requiring the original NASA checklists to operate. The project is based on "Virtual AGC" which is an emulation of the actual Apollo Guidance Computer, so you are basically running the actual flown guidance software within the simulation. http://nassp.sourceforge.net/wiki/Main_Page http://www.ibiblio.org/apollo/
  2. So if I understand correctly, they're charging 20$ for a quality downgrade! Alex
  3. jalexb88

    Tail strike correct in the 777?

    Could be some some sort of probability type event. You have a tail strike, then you have an x chance of getting a decompression, but not every time. Just a speculation. Alex
  4. jalexb88

    Incredible ! FAA ATC suffers OOM !

    Yeah the issue is not limited to sim flying, I keep telling my airline to upgarde our FMS to a 64 bit OS. Alex
  5. jalexb88

    Dry Operating Mass

    AC Express Alex
  6. jalexb88

    Dry Operating Mass

    From a real world perspective, most of the Q400's at my airline have an empty weight above 40000. The last one I flew was at 40124. Alex
  7. jalexb88

    Asn, Love It, But...

    Oh the many messes Ive made in the past haha, but yeah its an incredible weather simulation to say the least. Alex
  8. jalexb88

    Asn, Love It, But...

    ASN is awesome. Cloud popping is virtually impossible because of the way they gradually appear over a period of a few minutes I believe. Makes for some very smooth transitions and you see the weather in the distance as it approaches, no sudden changes out of nowhere. Alex
  9. jalexb88

    So what will be your next flight sim?

    My next sim will be Aerowinx Precision Simulator 10 (PSX) due out soon: http://www.simflight.com/2013/11/08/psx-aerowinx-747-400-final-works/ Alex
  10. jalexb88


    I fly the Q for a canadian operator. It is certainly a very suprising aircraft in terms of performance but make no mistake it is not a jet. She will climb really well and she is pretty fast, but you can't do both at the same time like you can do in a jet, especially up in FL's. That being said, dropping the nose to around 4-5 degrees in pitch hold as stated above can give you up to 240 knots to around 15000 while doing a good 1500 fpm. Up in the 20k's your speed will decay to 210-200. Alex
  11. jalexb88

    Next PMDG Aircraft 767?

    A 767 would be awesome! I would love to see a 727 or a 747-200 aswell, but as said above PMDG want to go where the money is and these older aircraft are probably not the best option from a economics point of view. With that in mind I think they should go for a CRJ-900 or EMB 190 type aircraft. No one has made a PMDG level CRJ yet and it is quite a popular aircraft so I would imagne it being very profitable. Alex
  12. jalexb88

    Many interesting products to come this fall/winter!

    And yet apparently FSX is a dying breed. :rolleyes: Alex
  13. jalexb88

    Longing for NGX SP2

    I'm sorry but what is wrong with the cockpit window height that needs fixing? Alex
  14. jalexb88

    Mouse Dropping FPS

    What do people here not understand?? Its an FSX bug! It happens with every aircraft, just more noticeable on the NGX and 777, or any high end payware. A properly tuned high end system will minimize this. There is nothing PMDG can do! Call Microsoft and complain why they laid off the whole team before they could release a patch for it, it is a flaw deep within FSX that we can get around by putting the cursor in the top left corner. Alex
  15. All those switches are doing is giving you the option of combining different RPM selections with different engine power ratings. 900 rpm is by standard associated with MCL and 850 rpm with MCR. You can use the MCL switch is if you decide to set a climb power of 850 as this is associated with MCR (Max cruise), but what you want is 850 and MCL (max climb). Only in this case after setting your props to 850, you push the MCL button. Maybe this is what the pilot you are talking about is doing. I am an active first officer on the Q400 for a canadian airline. Alex