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  1. Sorry to be so dumb. Could you explain in detail exactly what you mean by the above statement. Many thanks. Al
  2. Hi folks. Thank you for your input, so far. Given that I am completely new to VR and it might not be suitable to myself, perhaps due to motion sickness etc. I would be very reluctant to spend £500+ on a headset to find that was the case. Given that, do you think that the Meta Quest 2 might be a good compromise at around £300 new, or alternatively purchase something else on the second hand market (with it's possible inherent problems)? If the Meta Quest was chosen I assume that a link cable would be required to use with the PC. Would a 3m good quality USB 'C ' be ok, rather than the official one be OK? (for seated use) Again, many thanks. Al
  3. Hi As per the title, given that VR may not be suitable for everyone eg. initial cost, motion sickness, cost etc. I would really like to give it a go, just to see what it's like. Although I mainly fly IFR I assume that VR is much more attuned to VFR flying and sight-seeing. My system is relatively modest (ish) CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X-3D GPU Asus Geforce RTX 4070 Memory 32GB Many thanks. Al
  4. Another one of these items that had been working previously. Midi devices enabled is ticked. See attachment. Again, many thanks in advance Alastair McIntyre http://
  5. Thanks, Oliver. That did the trick, much appreciated. I would never have been able to figure that one out!!! Alastair McIntyre
  6. Hi I am running the full version of AAO Up until now AAO has been working without any problems. Everything is ok until I attempt to add a new assignment, the popup window appears, however my mouse and keyboard will then freeze up and I am unable to proceed any further. MFS will still continue to run, and the controls are still operatable, however I am unable to cancel the pop up window and proceed any further. This is the contents of the LAAO_log_20230625114848.txt file on startup. "25/06/2023 11:50:35.19 : Exception received: 3 from send id 50 errloc 50" I don't know if is of any relevance or not. The startup log appears (to me) to be ok. Any help appreciated. Alastair McIntyre I
  7. Is there available an update to the manual to go along with version 2.80? Thanks Al
  8. Quote: Subscription Renaming Effective today, the Navigraph Ultimate subscription will be renamed to Navigraph Unlimited to illustrate that a subscriber now has access to all products, data, and services that Navigraph has to offer – including VFR charts. Current Ultimate subscribers are automatically transferred to Unlimited. Price Adjustments Due to increased costs for product development, data licensing, and significant inflation, Navigraph will adjust subscription prices on December 8, 2022. New prices: Navigraph Unlimited Monthly 9.05 EUR Navigraph Unlimited Yearly 81.64 EUR Yearly Navigation Data 29.79 EUR All prices are exclusive of VAT which is applied individually for each subscriber resident in a country within the EU. This price adjustment applies to new as well as active subscriptions.
  9. Can I assume that FSLTL injects traffic based on "Real Time" rather than "Simulator Time?" Looking good so far. Al
  10. FlightPlanDatabase...... "failed to connect try again" Is anyone else getting this message? I have an account with the above, obtained an API key, cut and pasted the API key as required. Checked that Windows Firewall has enabled access to FlightPlanDatabase. Anything else that I should be looking out for? Thanks Al
  11. Hi Anyone finding that since the update that the "improved" VFR map is non-functional? Al
  12. Apologies, sorry, I miss-read your post. I agree that you were not advocating the Simkit Al
  13. Hi Dave My mistake I was attempting to import my flight plan via the "Impt" (import) tab on the lower right hand side of the main screen. All working fine, now. Thanks for adding this feature. Alastair
  14. Hi Dave Regarding the latest Beta version (Simbrief import), when I enter my Pilot ID into the file import box, I am receiving the message "File not found" I am running P2ATC over a network. Normally when importing a flight plan I point the dialogue to the "Local State" folder on the main MS computer. Where should I be pointing the import file dialogue to? Am I missing something obvious here? Many thanks Alastair
  15. Try this: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-keyboard-controls/ Al
  16. Hi Just wondering (future updates), if it would be possible to display on the main panel the title of the template currently in use? Many thanks Alastair
  17. Hi The culprit would appear to be KAiRi's "Autopilot and Flight Model Reworks for Boeing 747-8i" All is well Cheers Al
  18. Hi Thanks for the tip. I have disabled most of my add-ons in the community folder, and YES the CDU is working as before. All I have to do now is to re-install the add-ons one by one and try and track down the culprit. Will keep in touch in case anyone else is having similar problems. Cheers Al
  19. I am using latest version 12.11, SU7, no additional liveries. Every thing else on the panel is working apart from the CDU's I have tried using some of the WT previous versions, all with the same result. Is anyone else seeing this? Thanks Al
  20. I can confirm that "Flightsim and Other Stuff's" YT tutorials on the subject are excellent. They go at a nice easy pace with full explanation of what is going on. I learned a lot about the Streamdeck and X-Touch by watching his tutorials. As the OP suggested, try downloading a few examples from Flightsim.to Cheer Al
  21. Hi Mainly by moving your eyepoint forward. Can't remember the keyboard combination, as I have a button set up on my yoke. As your eye moves towards the panel your field of view on the HUD increases which maybe is contrary to what you might expect. Cheers. Al
  22. Try this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_DHUygyf5ppYFnA1P7hr5NJSoPgwliqX/view?usp=sharing Cheers Al
  23. Hi With a little playing about with the eye viewpoint/zoom you can get the desired result. Cheers Al https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_DHUygyf5ppYFnA1P7hr5NJSoPgwliqX/view?usp=sharing
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