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  1. No, There's no online registration or activation required. They will install even without an internet connection. Out of the box no, As the ESI version 2.4 contained on the DVD's is FSX only. However a DVD essentially contains an ESI-Pack. So you could install ESI version 2.5 ( which has P3D and Steam Edition capability too) and direct it to the ESI-Pack contained on the DVD. Then it would install into P3D or steam.
  2. The files are the same for each platform Keith, the only difference is the location ESI sends them to during install and where the scenery.cfg or similar files are located, So in answer...an ESI-Pack created with the FSX version of ESI can still be used by the P3D enabled version of ESI to install into P3D at a later date yes. I hope that makes sense.
  3. Thank you to everyone who's commented in this tread with such kindness and understanding. Both Vikki and myself appreciate it very much. I'd just like to respond to some of the concerns raised regarding backups. It is possible to create backup ( esi-Packs) of any ES software you own. Once downloaded the ESI pack can be used to re-install your scenery should that need ever occur. The ESI pack you created is pre-configured with your valid serial code embedded. As such it does not require a connection to our servers to function. It doesn't even need an internet connection at all in fact. Our servers will remain active for at least a couple of months, but as mentioned we can't promise they'll stay active indefinitely. Vikki and I are committed to ensuring you are given every opportunity to safeguard your purchases from us, and as such we are continuing to man the ES helpdesk for at least the next couple of weeks to help anyone that gets in to difficulty. After that we will have to move on to pastures new, but we're not abandoning our moral responsibilities to our past customers in the meantime. Kindest regards Darren & Vikki
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