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  1. No, There's no online registration or activation required. They will install even without an internet connection. Out of the box no, As the ESI version 2.4 contained on the DVD's is FSX only. However a DVD essentially contains an ESI-Pack. So you could install ESI version 2.5 ( which has P3D and Steam Edition capability too) and direct it to the ESI-Pack contained on the DVD. Then it would install into P3D or steam.
  2. The files are the same for each platform Keith, the only difference is the location ESI sends them to during install and where the scenery.cfg or similar files are located, So in answer...an ESI-Pack created with the FSX version of ESI can still be used by the P3D enabled version of ESI to install into P3D at a later date yes. I hope that makes sense.
  3. Thank you to everyone who's commented in this tread with such kindness and understanding. Both Vikki and myself appreciate it very much. I'd just like to respond to some of the concerns raised regarding backups. It is possible to create backup ( esi-Packs) of any ES software you own. Once downloaded the ESI pack can be used to re-install your scenery should that need ever occur. The ESI pack you created is pre-configured with your valid serial code embedded. As such it does not require a connection to our servers to function. It doesn't even need an internet connection at all in fact. Our servers will remain active for at least a couple of months, but as mentioned we can't promise they'll stay active indefinitely. Vikki and I are committed to ensuring you are given every opportunity to safeguard your purchases from us, and as such we are continuing to man the ES helpdesk for at least the next couple of weeks to help anyone that gets in to difficulty. After that we will have to move on to pastures new, but we're not abandoning our moral responsibilities to our past customers in the meantime. Kindest regards Darren & Vikki
  4. Hi OK...so I seriously doubt by now that I'm going to be able to convince you otherwise Crackfire, but have to say for the benefit of others that you are wrong on both counts. We are indeed fully compatible with Orbx. There is no case I can think of where we need to be compatible with UK2000 for the reasons already stated. But running ES and UK2000 on the same system is completely possible and is indeed one of the most common combinations of scenery used by a majority of our UK customers...as long as it's not exactly the same airport we're modelling of course, where only one or another can be chosen. Honestly...Nothing could be further from the truth. Our intention was to build an installer that would make things as easy for our genuine customers as possible. I think the best way to show you this is for me to link you to another video I've just made which demonstrates how activation of our products actually works. Whilst we do have effective anti piracy measures in place ( such as file encryption and other methods of checking ) None of it is seen by you, and none of it acts as a hindrance to a genuine customer. A member named Simmerhead made a well thought out and polite reply in the other recent thread discussing Earth Simulations here . Much of it I'd agree with, with the exception of the second paragraph. There are currently around 25 separate sceneries available from Earth Simulations. Assuming we had used a traditional "Click/next/click/next type installer" for each of these sceneries you would now have 25 separate programs to store and manage. Add to that the issue of more files providing updates or enhancements for each of those sceneries as they become available leading to a greater "mess" trying to keep track of them all. ESI was designed to avoid that exact situation by being a single program installed on your system that will deal with all of the products and all of the updates. ( past and future ) One installer to deal with potentially unlimited products and updates. To me at least, that makes a lot of sense.
  5. Hi David So you are in fact still referring to your dislike of the installer afterall....unless there is something else you'd like to comment on. I have no idea why you saw such a slow speed, but it isn't the norm. To prove the point I have just taken my own screenshot seen below. You can clearly see I've just downloaded a whole 11GB in a little under 44 minutes, averaging 4382kbs. I'll sometimes see faster...I'll sometimes see slower depending on the day. Check the date/time at the bottom of the screenshot to show I've only just conducted this experiment. Also you should know that our servers are located in Germany, whilst I live on the rural Isle of Wight located just off the south coast of England...so it's not as if the server is located in the next room or anything like that. You've simply been unlucky David. :( for which you have my deepest empathy, but we can not take the blame for the slow speed you experienced. Hi Manny Orbx deliberately missed Isle of Man from their FTX England product after realizing that we were about to release a product covering the Island. I answer to your question, Yes, ES and Orbx co-exist just fine.
  6. That's the same link I just posted David...and yes, please do read it through to the end. What else is it then David?
  7. Hi Crackfire I honestly don't want to offend you, but your idea that the ES scenery should be compatible with a version of UK2000 makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You have either Uk2000, or you have Earth simulations versions of the airport. You can't possibly have both working at the same time because they are each depicting the same thing. The choice of which version you prefer to use is yours to make, but there is no possibility of them being used together...and if you think about it long enough you'll realize it's an obvious conclusion. We're very aware there are some that dislike our installer, and have commented in another recent thread about that,You'll see we've made a commitment to addressing those concerns.
  8. Meant to answer your question on FPS The sceneries are all relatively taxing if you use maximum settings.The detail included is way beyond an average scenery. To quote the manual If you need to reduce sliders, we have made it so that the detail lost is least noticeable. ie: the smallest and least important aspects of the scenery will be removed first. A single drop from "extremely dense" to "Very dense" will make a very big difference in performance terms, but you'd be hard pushed to notice the difference in visuals.
  9. Hi Lmaire While the comments are being said with all good intentions I'm sure. You're being misled by some of the answers given so far in this thread. RE: compatibility. The scenery is compatible with Orbx. To say that it isn't is simply not true. ES and Orbx have collaborated to ensure this is the case. France VFR have refused to collaborate with either Orbx or ES to ensure the same. However it will depend on the order of installation. If you install France VFR first, followed by the ES scenery everything will work together. But if you reverse that order and install ES scenery first followed by France VFR second then it will break the ES scenery. This is because our installer will append the existing autogen cfg files, while the other developers installers will replace them with their own version. So who's at fault? The scenery replaces UK2000 versions of the airports entirely, you would never have both ES and UK2000 versions of a particular airport active at the same time, so that particular comment is just irrelevant. Isle of Man ( EGNS ) does not use default textures Manny. See screenshots here. Here's two recent comments we've had from those that should know.
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