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  1. Hello! Was going to fly a delivery flight from KBFI to ENGM today, but encountered a problem shortly into the flight while entering enroute wind data on the route data page. Some of the waypoints was entered as for example N6630.0W08000.0, resulting in a waypoint called WPT1 in the FMC. When entering wind data, all the panels froze. PFD/ND froze, FMC didn't work, and no other functions worked either. Even tried disconnecting generator and battery, but nothing happened. Wind entry into "normal" waypoints work fine. Second picture below is after reloading of the saved flight (I can send this to PMDG if you'd like). Sorry about the grainy picture, saved them as GIF in stead of JPG/PNG... Problem reproduced once, but second time it worked fine.
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