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  1. There are different levels of idle just so you know depending on which phase of the flight you are in
  2. Well done indeed. Excellent just doesn't quite seem to do justice.
  3. Are the PMDG guys still planning on doing the Boeing House Colours?
  4. I saw the line on the Prepar3d website is this the extent to airports in P3D? Or are these just the only ones with the "high detail", and the rest of world's airports are still in the sim but just with less detail? And a side question, has anyone figured out if any of the ATC addons work in P3D? Mainly Radar Contact?
  5. From my experience, the engines are certainly not bare metal. They are paint. I can't recall the stabilizer, but the engines are certainly painted gray. Spent many hours looking out a window at the them.
  6. But they are supposed to be grey, are they not? When I flew on an AAL NG, the engine looked this colour gray to me. It does not seem that we can change the engines, but would love to be proved wrong on that. Would love the ability to change the engines.
  7. Huzzah for the Boeing paints! Look forward to seeing the NGZ in that beautiful Boeing House livery
  8. Same here. The AAL and Alaska retros are really sharp looking airplanes.And can I suggest as well some WestJet love? See them all the time at KPSP and it is such a simple and elegent paint.
  9. This I will +1. This is the only one that I looked for a did not see on the list, and I have to say I was quite surprised too that it was not on the initial list. I very much hope to hear it will be done.
  10. Those state flag liveries from Southwest are pretty cool. Not a big fan of SWA myself, but should they be made available, I my find myself flying around in the Flordia or California paints. After the -700 is release of course.
  11. I think the plane is already in the air. Focal point however makes it look like it could be just rotating, but after looking at it, that stretch of pavement is a taxiway, and the runway is lower in the picture. But if it is a tail strike, it would more like be a tail ripped of during take off.
  12. I am going to +1 the Boeing livery as well.
  13. I have to admit I chuckled at that. Never gets old that nonsense thread.
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