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  1. There are different levels of idle just so you know depending on which phase of the flight you are in
  2. You bring up a good point about the scenery, when I get the chance I will try to do a flight to a different location, see what happens there.
  3. I do not get to the point for calling the descent check. The first attempt it froze when I was looking at the descent forecast page after entering the winds and was off looking at the approach plate, this last attempt I had complete the forecast page and was entering DME rings into the fix page and the sim just froze up. Both times I didnt complete the couple tasks I wanted to before calling for the checklist.
  4. Twice now I have had my flight ruined because FS2Crew hangs the sim on Descent Checklist. I set up the values in the secondary panel for my approach, I then tell the FO 'Lets start settnig up for the descent', I then go about my buisness of tuning the radios, setting up the FIX pages, entering the descent forecast in the FMS and the sim just hangs and it is when FS2Crew is displaying 'DESCENT CHECKLIST'. Twice in a row now I have lost a flight at this exact same point, the previous attempts I have tried using this reboot were no-gos at the gate beause the program was not detecting any speech. Even this last flight had this issue, I had to close out the sim and reload it to get FS2crew to even start correctly. I would revert to the classic version at this point if it didnt mean having to reinstall the entire aircraft again, which I already had to do to install this version. This is using the latest NGX version redownloaded from PMDGs website, FSX:SE, SOP1.
  5. Tried to give the new reboot a go for the first time today and when the gate agent walked in and asked if I wanted to load the passengers, I noticed the voice was not being picked up. The settings said voice mode was activated, I looked at the logs and it showed the system was loaded correctly, but nothing was being shown as being recognized, nothing in the log, nor any text showing up in the green bar. I figured something wasn't instantiated correctly, so I toggled the system over to button control with the intention of flipping it back to the voice to reload the voice system. I didnt see any other way to do this, but I saww that once the mode flipped, it was now locked. So I wasnt able to switch back to voice. So I gave up the flight, maybe I will try it tomorrow. But there needs to be some way to reinitialize the voice system, because everything else seemed to be working. I didn;t have time to actually fly after fooling around trying to fix the problem, but I did end up just reloading the sim and the voice did work so nothing was terminally wrong, just an oddity with loading. Anyway, I printed out the manuals, read through the three SOPs and looked at the various settings and customizations you can do, look forward to flying the NGX again with the new FS2Crew, looks like it is yet another great product. Cheers,
  6. Ah excellent, this will do nicely. I was thinking about if it would be possible to toggle it via a keypress, I will give this a try the next time I fly the. Thanks!
  7. So I had to get a new PC, old one just wasnt working anymore. Re-install FSX into this new rig, got the chance to fly the NGX again after a while, got the Emergency upgrade and was going to try that out. I get into the 737-800 and the VC hotspot to pull up the FS2Crew control panel was not working. I was still able to pull up the panel from the drop down menus so it is not a 'show-stopper' but I just wonder what could have gone wrong here. I use TrackIR/EzDok I dunno if that would do something, I found that EzDok sometimes caused the camera to go 'behind' the captains head rest and made it impossible to interact with the VC, but this is not what this is. It is just like, the hotspot isnt there. Is this a known bug? or should I just try to re-install and hope that sorts it? Cheers! Scott Kalin
  8. I second this motion lol. I do not like the FO switching the seatbelts over to AUTO after 10,000 feet. Flying the United States I don't recall ever seeing the seatbelt sign turned off until the aircraft has reached cruise altitude. I always immediately flip the seatbelts back to ON after the FO touches the switch.
  9. Use PFPX or topcoat to generate the loads. But don't use the feature that sends that to the sim. Instead look at the weights and balances page and see how topcat thinks the passenger and bags should be dispatched. You can then use the CDU to load the plane using topcat numbers as a guide.
  10. How is doing it like that even remotely 'proper'?
  11. Flew the Level D 767 all the time. My number 1 go to plane for quite some time. However those days are long long long gone. My last two complete fresh installations of FSX have not had the LvlD 76 installed, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. There is simply no point in my flying it anymore. It is dated, always had trouble getting the ground call stuff to work, the FMC getting blown out on engine start (yess I know there was a .dll that sorta fixed it). FS2Crew did make it very enjoyable to fly that plane, but with the PMDG stuff now out, nah, no place for this plane in my hangar anymore. And I really don't miss it either.
  12. Use Space Shuttle Fleet for Orbiter. It is available on Simviation.com It handles very much like it should during the re-entry and the approach. And yes, the Shuttle does drop very fast, it is not an easy thing to glide down dead stick to a safe landing. As for SSMS 2007... not very realistic in terms of handling. Still a very fun sim, dont get me wrong. For anyone interested in learning what it took to fly the Shuttle, it is well worth it, but if you are looking for the most realistic flight dynamics, Orbiter is your best bet by far. And SSM 2....yeah don't hold your breath on that, if it is still going to happen, it isn't going to be happening any time soon. Christ is right, they have left us in the dark for a long long time and the few people of authority who were there were clearly not invovled in the development process and were doing psuedo-updates at best and ended up just raging on us saying he was not going to bother with us anymore so...yeah.
  13. I never understood the appeal of this game. Why do people play this when they could use Orbiter Space Sim? Orbiter is free and actually realistic.
  14. No it doesnt. And if I was being honest, the documentation for PFPX is borderline ###### poor. It isnt too hard for someone familiar with commercial aviation to understand what to do, but I cannot imagine how those who are less than familiar are dealing with it.
  15. Id like to see the ability to pic the engines myself. That was something I had hoped would be in the NGX back when we were all hovering around the forums waiting for it to be released. A feature that didnt make it in, not the biggest deal I suppose, considering about all the other features of quality in the aircraft, but if there was something that would be cool to see added as a feature when a new SP or the BBJ package is released, being able to choose which engine is installed would be one I would like to see.
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