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  1. I found the problem. InfanView changed the thumbnail file extension from .jpg to .infanviewJpg. Once I corrected the file extension everything is working as expected. ------------------------------------------------------ As the Cheif Engineer answered the Skipper ------------ Chief, you said that it would only take 5 minutes to fix the problem. Well, it's been 2 days now, What's going on? Skipper, it will be fixed within the 5 minutes, once I find the !@#$#@ problem. 😁
  2. That is the same thing that I learned to do years ago when my aircraft collection became unwieldy. Dale
  3. OK, Let's start with the new Stearman that Golden Age Sims just released. A fresh download I always use a fresh download to assure that I am using the latest version and right now I am refraining from installing legacy aircraft. Being a virtual Bush and Floatplane Pilot I do not like flying airliners and do not buy them. Back to the Stearman. I installed it using their P3D installer. It completed the installation without any error messages but after the installation, it does not show up in my version 4.4 Pro vehicle list. I just checked and I do not have an Addon folder in either the Documents or P3D Folders. Should I add one? Do I need to point my installers to it? Sorry about so many dumb questions, but somehow, I have gotten myself totally confused. I did not have this problem until after I cleaned v4.2 off of my machine and installed V4.4 Pro. Dale
  4. When v4.4 was released I decided to start fresh and now I cannot get any of my purchased addon aircraft to install using their included installers. At 82, I just can't seem to get a handle on the new process. I have been trying to use the Lorby tool without success. Will somebody out there take pity on a thick-headed old man, end his confusion, and walk me through the process of using the Lorby tool. Step 1. I have downloaded and expanded the file. Step 2. What do I do next? Step3. After step 2 then what? And so on, and so on, and so on ---------------- What folders do I need to create and point to? This would be an excellent chance to write a step by step guide that I am sure would help me as well as others who have realized that they are not as sharp as they used to be. Old Age can be a mean old female dog who will sneak up on you and bite you in the rear end when you least expect it!!!
  5. Thanks, NBouc, This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. Dale
  6. I was hoping for a workaround. Oh well, a guy can dream, can't he? Thanks, Dale
  7. Dave, I went there before I posted and all of the files have the original data. I have the Controls UI cleaned out. I closed and reopened v4 and even though the UI is empty of bindings the Standard.xml still shows the original bindings. Dale
  8. I just cleared out all of the control bindings on my P3Dv4.3 getting ready to use FSUIPC and would like to make a copy of the cleared file as a backup. Can anyone tell me where I can find it? I have looked in all of the usual places but have yet to find it. Thanks, Dale
  9. That's true Noel, but you would need a medical certificate to fly it. Ain't no damn FAA in our sim world and we are allowed fly anything we want to. Dale
  10. Before I purchase an airport I always go to Google Earth to look at it. If there are no smaller GA aircraft on the field I just do not purchase it. Why spend the money on a destination that you would not use in real life? Although you can legally land at any public airport in the US they really do not you in the pattern where your approach speed is slower than the stall speed of everyone else. So I give a big Thank You to Russ for developing high quality GA airports for us and hope that he continues on that path. Oh, by the way, spend a day at your home airport taking photos of the buildings and hangars there and let the developers know that you would be happy to supply them, and just maybe you might see your local airport on the market, or you could try your hand at building it yourself and publishing it here on AVSIM. Dale
  11. It all depends on what you want to accomplish with your sim. If you fly FSX without scenery ( no scenery, or complex aircraft, no VAS problems ) what you propose will work. Just be careful that you don't end up like me with 3 computers on the shelf that no longer are strong enough to fit my needs. I started flying sims with FS2000 and my satisfaction grew with each sim release. Everything was fine until I installed FSX and Orbx PNW. That is when I discovered that my real joy came from flying Low and Slow over great scenery in difficult terrain. The system you propose will become a dedicated machine limited to your original purpose and will have to be replaced if the simming bug bites you. I can envision an IFR Trainer with only the instrument panel on the screen and you flying with only the instruments you will use in real life,.building up your proficiency in flying without scenery. The big question is where do you go from there? Will you want accurate airports to land at? Will you want to be able to see the ground and have all of the landmarks where they are supposed to be? It's all up to you. You can fly using only the default scenery or fly using enhanced scenery. What I am saying is just think it through before you make the investment. Dale
  12. Ground textures are programmed to be global, not local. It is possible to do what you want to do but at what cost? Like Jason said, just change the calendar to match your desired weather. If it looks right who cares what month the sim is set to? Dale
  13. Have you considered going with a VR setup? It would cost less than a good 27" Touchscreen monitor and it would give you the sense of the depth of field.that a monitor does not have. The system you want does not exist at your price point. You are looking at around a 3,000 dollar system and if you want to make long flights you will need P3D v4 to avoid VAS crashes. Dale
  14. I did get some good news yesterday, Aerosoft has just released a new Anchorage Airport that has a switch that will make it compatible with Orbx Southern Alaska. I have been wanting this airport for some time and its now on my purchase next list. Dale
  15. This is great news. I have wanted this airport ever since its first release but have avoided it because it did not blend with Orbx SAC. Dale
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