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  1. SMITI07

    AS Next available now

    Its great. Flying the NGX through severe thunderstorms around Port Moresby and I was fighting for control at some points. And when in the overcast layer it was true IFR. I couldnt see a thing. Was actually frightening.
  2. SMITI07

    JS41 PFPX

    Great Work Kyle! Thanks a lot.
  3. SMITI07


    Any chance of the Aloha Funbird livery
  4. SMITI07

    JS41 PFPX

    +1 For now I am using the Saab 340(really what's the point. I don't know any Saabs for fsx, and I have looked a lot!) profile, and I changed the weights to that from the PMDG Jetstream manual. I got around to doing a test flight today and it burnt around 100-150 Lbs more fuel than PFPX claimed, which is a result I was happy with.
  5. SMITI07


    After a fun afternoon flying the 737 around Alaska, I feel I am obliged to publicly apologise to all at milviz for my harsh comments. They were unjustified and written in a moment of frustration. While there are a few quirks and the lack of addon livery's is disappointing it is quite a solid simulation and enjoyable to fly, especially when combined with accufeel. Special shoutout to Colin from milviz, who took the time out of his life to have a discussion with me regarding a possible refund, which I have decided not to take. Great customer service!
  6. SMITI07

    Ask the Q400 pilot a question.....

    Is there a way with the Q400 to put an extended centerline from the runway in when there is no approach to the airfield?
  7. SMITI07


    Great work. Will update it ASAP. I really want to get into this bird, so far no luck, even though it's well made. Im guessing the reason why is there is no liveries for it that interest me to fly. Shame that Milviz has gone down the paid repaint route though. I MUCH prefer the PMDG way where I don't have to pay my hard earned money on just some colours on the outside, Plus there is only one repaint in the package that I would actually ever fly.
  8. SMITI07

    PMDG 777 vs LevelD 767

    Don't type in caps. It means you are yelling and is rude.
  9. SMITI07

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    Feels about the same as the NGX on my system. Possibly a little smoother. Still worse than the MD-11.
  10. SMITI07

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Mines sitting in the paintshop. Hopefully not long until it emerges and I can jump in her again. (AKA I can't get the op centre to work, and I feel strange not flying in an actual livery)
  11. SMITI07


    I hope ground friction will be fixed in the hotfix and the fact I have to engage and disengage the parking brake before I can move is strange.
  12. SMITI07

    will the 777 support RF-legs?

    What is different to it over Navigraph?
  13. SMITI07


    Bought this in the last hour or so. But have yet to be able to fly it. When I go to select aircraft screen I cant load the plane. It will come back up on the free flight screen, but then in quick succession I get 106 identical errors of "Creation Failed, Check sound" (Not exactly that but I cant recall the exact wording and already shut down my FS pc) After these all flash up the sim will then CTD. Anyone else experienced this yet and know what the fix is? If no one does I will register for support on the Milviz forum.
  14. SMITI07

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    It's a shame that this thread was not clear in the original post about the particular store in question. It is Flightsim Pilot Shop which the OP is talking about. NOT the FlightSim Store, which does not charge to redownload purchases. The original post should be edited to avoid this confusion as it is causing bad PR for FSS
  15. SMITI07


    I'm assuming this flies a-lot nicer than the CS 732? This hobby is getting sooo expensive :S