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  1. +1 For now I am using the Saab 340(really what's the point. I don't know any Saabs for fsx, and I have looked a lot!) profile, and I changed the weights to that from the PMDG Jetstream manual. I got around to doing a test flight today and it burnt around 100-150 Lbs more fuel than PFPX claimed, which is a result I was happy with.
  2. Is there a way with the Q400 to put an extended centerline from the runway in when there is no approach to the airfield?
  3. You can back these up onto an external drive if you have one. This product has made FSX feel like nearly a new sim. It's great. USA looks good, Europe looks good, and the border of FTX England and Global Wales blends reasonably well. Slight colour difference and there were clear differences between the FTX landclass and default. China Looks 100 times better, and Japan looked much more believable than default. I thought I would go somewhere remote, so loaded up in iceland and at this moment was completely blown away and felt my $100 were well spent. It was amazing. the colours, autogen, everything made it look and feel like iceland. based only off seeing it in images and videos.
  4. hmm Shame on the fps, I wouldn't expect it to change from changing textures. The night lighting I expect to give a small hit, but not half. I struggle enough with fps as is, and I just purchased. WORRIED.
  5. Use the Long Turn and Short turn panel states. Normally at the start of the day, engineers will go in and power up the aircraft, the crew will then come along for the first flight of the day with the aircraft in a long turn state. If you are starting the flight over a turn-around, use the short turn where all the initial set up has been completed.
  6. Haha Thats hilarious. Your household sounds awesome Ro.
  7. Loving the look of this feature! Will make it so much more immersive of been in a busy airline environment during turns.
  8. Having just recently tried flight I was VERY impressed. It looks beautiful, smooth, exactly what FS11 should have been. This sim, with the features of FSX such as AI, ATC and world coverage, 64bit, would be the perfect modern successor to FSX. Good work trying to improve the experience for those who find enjoyment in the platform.
  9. I found GSX wont register the engines been shut down when you arrive at the gate. But I tried the key press to shut them down and GSX was happy. It had no effect on the aircraft though.
  10. Actually it has been over 3. The project showed promise, but completely fell apart from the day they released the basic. The Aerosoft and upcoming FSlabs airbus have made following this project completely irrelevant if you are a FSX user. For FS9 user's it is likely the best bus available. And with the flight1 30 days policy there is no harm in giving it a go.
  11. Look's great, But is anyone else getting textureless (jet black) windsock's? This seem's to be the only bug I have found.
  12. YAY! And now with the Orbx AU regions been so cheap, I can complete Australia and have nce freeware airports to enhance it.
  13. Good work guys! The new AA looks great, Can't wait to have it in my hanger.
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