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  1. Just cruising along at FL370 in the NGX over the Indian Ocean between Mauritius and the Maldives. While looking out and admiring how black the sky was. this bright white shooting star zoomed across my windscreen and off into the distance to the left. It actually scares the s**t outta me as I wasn't expecting it. Having used FSX since the start of 09 I have never seen this before.
  2. Yes I am using that tutorial as well. And it directs me to enter the ETP in shorthand. So my coordinate above is S09E067 However this is not as precise as the longhand entry so the flightplan doglegs slightly to the left. My plan if I cant find the answer to the question by the time I reach the ETP is to just do a direct with abeam points. I'm just entering the ETOPS area as I speak so I might not find the answer in time haha.
  3. Im doing a flight from Reunion to Chennai. Its an Etops flight and has been planned on PFPX. Now Ive done some research of past threads but have not seemed to have found the answer of how to put the ETP in the FMC based on the data provided from PFPX. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/KB/a59/fmc-custom-waypoint-entry-notes.aspx I read this guide, But when I followed the long form entry for the coordinates it said invalid entry. I tried to place them into the legs page as requested. The coordinates I am trying to enter based on my PFPX flightplan is S0907.8 E06713.1 Following the guide I should be able to enter this as S09078E067131 But thats when I get the invalid entry. Anyone know how to do this?
  4. Its great. Flying the NGX through severe thunderstorms around Port Moresby and I was fighting for control at some points. And when in the overcast layer it was true IFR. I couldnt see a thing. Was actually frightening.
  5. Use the lines on the PFD. The Blue and Brown Square shows the aircrafts pitch attitude.
  6. You would have liked my flights today then. I flew Melbourne to Gold Coast return on the new Jetstar 787 (It really is a beauty PMDG should get onto it :Batting Eyelashes: ) Well Way up straight to FL410 and on the return flight straight to FL430 :Big Grin:
  7. Never used time compression. Long haul is a rarity how ever as I don't often have the free time. Longest flight to date has been AC15. Toronto to Hong Kong. Took about 15.5 hours and went right over the top of the north pole. (causing the 777 to fly in zigzag patterns in LNAV, maybe I did something wrong) I did not sit in front of the screen the whole time, I took 2 4 hour breaks so I wouldn't breach the 8 hour rule.
  8. Wouldn't a simple solution to all this be a MS and LM agreement that LM will sell the professional version and MS market the consumer entertainment version? In that way simmers get access to the enhanced platform, MS mitigates the cost of development and we get around the licensing issues because its been sold just as a new FSX. Obviously this is very unlikely to happen as it involves complex agreements between two big companies for a small market.
  9. I believe the white box has got something to do for the variable lighting in the PMDG aircraft. The mouse fps bug is just a part of fsx we have to put up with. The more clicks spots there are in the VC the more noticeable it is. And thanks ahah
  10. So how do I turn it on? (I'm a complete FSUIPC noob)
  11. Do you need the Payware FSUIPC for this?
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