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  1. Hi all Disregard, I have resolved the problem. Cheers Craig
  2. Hi All Eric has added a change to his models for Prepar3D V4 where the logo, nav and cabin lights can be always on by making a change to the fuel section in the aircraft config file. Has anyone made these changes to the aircraft config file and if so, what figures did you use for the tank positions etc for the additional tanks? Cheers Craig
  3. Hi Oliver In tried what you suggested but still get the in use message. The BDO scenery just doesn't want to work. Cheers Craig
  4. Hi I have problems with BDO scenery for RJBB and VTSP. The scenery is installed and sits in the Addon Scenery folder in Prepar3d 4.5. When I try to use the scenery, the default scenery is loaded. The scenery isn't listed in the scenery library but if I try to add, I get a dialogue box saying the scenery is already in use. I downloaded the addon manger and neither scenery is listed. When I go to add the scenery, the addon manager also states that the scenery is in use. The scenery is for V4 and is the latest version. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be rectified? Cheers Craig
  5. Thanks Bob Rick I downloaded the program and the BDO scenery doesn't appear in the list. If I try to add, it says the scenery is already in use. Cheers Craig
  6. Thanks for your response Rick. Sorry but what is AIO Manager? Cheers Craig
  7. Hi All I am using the latest Prepar3d 4.5 software and I have added BDO's Kansai (RJBB). When I look at the scenery library I cannot see the scenery listed bit when I go to add, a dialogue box opens and states that the scenery is already in the scenery library. The problem also is that the scenery that loads is the default. Any ideas? Thanks Craig
  8. Thanks Urmel, I have asked again in the AIG forum. Cheers Craig
  9. Thanks all for you assistance. The values you provided Dave has the aircraft blasting out of the ground like they are missiles, so they don't work with my system. I have reverted back to the previous settings and I will let them float. Appears to be something in my setup and since it is only one aircraft type, I won't worry about it for now. Thanks again all for your time and assistance. Cheers Craig
  10. Hi All Happens at all airports where I know F100 and F70 fly from. They are the only AI models floating, the others are fine Regards Craig
  11. Thanks Oliver. I have made changes to the contact point 3 and static_cg_height and it has made no difference. The AI model is the AIA F70 and F100 updated with PBR and Non-PBR models from AIG Regards Craig
  12. Hi All The F70 and F100 AI aircraft float above the tarmac compared to the other aircraft which don't. Can anyone advise how to resolve this please? Cheers Craig
  13. Hi All I have a problem where Prepar3D crashes when approaching New York or on the ground. This has happens with both FS Dreamteam KJFK v2 and the Drzewiecki Design scenery add ons. I have no problem anywhere else. Any suggestions as to what could be causing the problem? Thanks Cheers Craig
  14. Sorry but I think this is nonesense. If it was true there would be lots of floating wreckage or if over land fire.
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