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  1. Try deleting the ILS already there , let it diplayed PARKED, then try your new valid ILS frequency. To delete, click on the NAV/RAD page, then click DELETE on the FMS, then click the ILS key ( L4 ? ) it will then display PARKED. Now enter in the ILS / CRS
  2. Thanks Bryan, Am gonna try this also. The only word I am ever having problems with is "Armed", hopefully this might be the solution. Cheers
  3. Voice control all the way for me.But its easy for me to say as English is my only language and the Voice Recognition picks me up no worries.I do wish though, my FO and flight attendants could understand some of us Australian Language, such as ... "She'll be right m8" , "Bloody Hell", "Throw us a tinnie" , "Shrimps on the B.B.Q" and "Fair Dinkum" ! :LMAO:Top Notch Product, backed with Top Notch Service !!Keep up the great work!
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