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  1. Dont forget that one obnoxious asshat that shoves their McDonnalds laden flabby butt into your face as they side step down the isle to the back of the plane while looking for the two seats they require with the "special seat belt extension" only to find they are actually sitting next to you for the next 8 hours..... This might have brought up some bad memories....
  2. Looking forward to meeting you all there
  3. The speed card is selected by the weight you enter in the FMC.
  4. Hi, Durning the installation at the end it should ask you to point the installation to your FSx folder, can you confirm you are setting it to (C:/program files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/ Fsx {or your relavant directory}) and selecting the Fsx.exe icon in that folder? Thanks
  5. Hi, you are correct about the bugs reference's - 1st bug = V1 - 2nd bug = Vr - 3rd bug = Flap Retraction - 4th bug = Slat Retraction / clean speed MCP Speed should be set to V2 +10 for safe climbout. In order to check the bugs are correct ensure you have loaded and checked the fuel and payload of the aircraft vs the load manager (if on a second flight for example, click addons -> Maddog -> reload from CFG) I can attest the speeds do match to the takeoff and landing data cards. Can you confirm which sim you are using? Thanks
  6. I will look into this tomorrow, see if I can find anything, only thing I can think of right now is to make sure its a .WAV file
  7. I have not seen this issue, Im currently on 1.4 as well, can you tell me which sim you are using (FSx, P3D V1, 2, 3, 4x)..... I would recommend you un-install, reboot then re-install.
  8. Hi there, You can create custom assignments in the load manager. You can find this under the Setup tab and Events. Click add and then define what actions you want.
  9. Hi, I can confirm that the lights do work correctly with V1.0.4. I would check you setting in the sim, see if anything has been changed or a re-install of the aircraft.
  10. Have you selected the PA button on the radio panel?
  11. Adding to MauB's reply, are you also ensuring the routes you are using are the same including alternates? Also check you are entering the same fuel figures on taxi, reserves, extra etc... I use PFPX and also cant say I have noticed a difference beyond 200kgs
  12. both you and Signmanbob are correct, to put in a Flex Temp for departure, you need you first turn off the ART and then press the TO FLX on the TRP, afterwhich when you rotate the the temp knob you will find the vaule on the FMA (TARP) display. You will also need the Flight Directors on to see this in the FMA.
  13. Hi, Is this only happening at certain airfields (i.e EU airports) or is it everywhere?
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