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  1. Take it easy guys at least wait until the weekend is over.
  2. You might be right that the FSL is comparable to PMDG system wise in dept simulation, but not sure what kind of simmer you are to compare Captainsim to the Aerosoft Airbus as its day and night.
  3. That is not the way it works for everybody
  4. I will purchase Aerosoft version twice one for me one for my buddy, will have way more fun and still It will cost way cheaper than this insane price, with far better sim flight experience.
  5. I didnt have time to try last night unfortunately, I might give it a shot tonight after work if I have a chance.
  6. I ll give it a shot later on today, thanks very much.
  7. Tried it it unfortunately doesn't work, I have to lower the FPS limit to 30 ish.
  8. I have the same issue since a couple of days, tried everything I found on the web no luck, the only think that worked fo me and I don't like it as it makes me loosing few FPS is limit the fps internally. I hope someone could give a kind of solution.
  9. PTA is the config tool that uses the config files called Ultimate Realisme Pack vX.X Someone could correct me about the RealismeShaderPack v1.1 my understanding is that it is another tool that was created by Pe11e that also plays with the shades and stuff like that as well.
  10. Hey Brian, try to switch off your freeway traffic for the VAS, I do have a significant VAS leak with any freeway traffic activated.
  11. Awesome screen shots, what kinda addon you are using for the Yukon it looks great, I've been up to Dawson, Innuvik and Old Crow and I will be going again pretty soon it is awsome specially in fall.
  12. Half of my Sceneries are in a different HD, make sure files like effects, textures etc that are meant to be placed in FSX or P3D main folder are placed properly in their intended folders.
  13. It it probably because I still use v3.0, don't ask me why am sick of reinstalling everything for just a little change, am very very happy with my sim right now and don't feel worth reinstalling it until it breaks or some huge changes in the sim I did back up fortunately :smile: , I tried both clouds.fx files both make me loosing the low level clouds so I took it off. The ground like you said seems like it did not rebuild the shader yet but that was like that for about an hours, I had played with the settings a bit and I made to work somehow may be not the result intended but it does indeed look better. Thanks very much Jim appreciate the help
  14. Hello, I have tried the pack just now and I do have just a little issue. Also if I replace the cloud.fx I dont have low level clouds anymore.
  15. I doesnt hurt to have that in the sim for sure, brings more life to the sim when you see a ship in the middle of nowhere from time to time I guess when crossing oceans.
  16. It is in AVSIM Summer2015 sched http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=191776
  17. May be some model had been affected? Here are some screen shots
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