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  1. FSX? If so, try pointing the aircraft the other way (or 90 degrees left/right). The viewpoint might be inside the seat (from where you can't push the buttons/switches)
  2. This is something -so- obvious I would find it hard to believe -all- of the beta testers, let alone dev crew would have missed it. If you'd have found some obscure, "need to know it's there" type bug it would be different I think.
  3. Please, don't tell me what I can and cannot hear. What I hear is DEFINITELY a servo moving.
  4. Hmm interesting. In the first video listed, if you listen carefully you can hear the movement of the throttle coincides with the sound of the servo's.
  5. No need to execute. Press LSK next to flap 30 vref speed and enter it LSK5R by memory. No need to execute.
  6. Speedbrakes. Use them, you've got them for a reason :-)
  7. Could you not just dial in 1013 in the altimeter and that would result in pressure altitude?? More easy I would think than doing head algorithms.
  8. Voted no because the 200LR and 300ER are exactly the the aircraft I would like.
  9. Button version only.Regularly when I'm flying I'm also on skype/TS, so the voice edition just isn't for me. Plus I very much like the button version!!!
  10. Any response from the PMDG staff regarding the Boeing house livery?
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