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  1. First, you can find real QRH's on eBay. For example, here https://www.ebay.com/itm/B737-300-400-500-Quick-Reference-Handbook-Higher-Power-Aviation-QRH-Like-NEW/132433811802?hash=item1ed5ab995a:g:4U0AAOSwY~1aMZ73&vxp=mtr and https://www.ebay.com/itm/ze-119-737-Quick-Reference-Handbook-Boeing-Airplane-Pilot-Plastic-Spiral-Bound/122695940181?hash=item1c913f7855:g:gQcAAOSwD6xZsvui&vxp=mtr Second, the manuals are definitely copyrighted (principally by Boeing), but I seem to remember reading an email from the CEO that it was OK to print one copy. Of course, he may have been shot down by Boeing, or I may be mis-remembering, or it may only have applied to the material written by PMDG itself. Finally, the printed spiral bound version is definitely easier to use than a self-printed one. The paper size is not standard, and the spiral binding and tabs are very nice. If you do print, I recommend black and white. Only a few pages benefit from color. Good luck.
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