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  1. Lek767

    13JUL13 - Nifty little feature in the 777...

    Oh, dear... Looks like someone has been Randazzo'd pretty comprehensively. Poor soul; Lord have mercy on those who find themselves on the receiving end of RSR's sarcasm stick. ^_^
  2. Lek767

    Assumed temp takeoff - V2

    You're going wrong in that you haven't manually selected flaps up speed on the MCP at acceleration height, nor have selected a pitch mode (you're still on TO/GA), nor have armed a pitch mode (VNAV) on the ground. That, in combination with a heavily loaded aircraft, will result in the behaviour you're observing (disclaimer: I Am Not A Pilot). Instead, do as the FCOM says (NP.21.29) and arm VNAV as part of your before start procedure. Alternatively (depending on the SOP you're following), you could engage LVL CHG at 1000' AGL and select flaps up speed manually at acceleration height.