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  1. Today i wanna say that these both - "DX10 Fixer and the Cloud Shadows" are in my Opinion the best Addons that exists for FSX. I´m so happy with that. No Failures, no Performance disadvantage, no Performance loss in Clouds. All Scenery is displayed in excellent Quality. A really great visual impression - i am totally exited!! Unbeatable the Shadow Effects underneath the Clouds..Wow!! I am enthusiastic you notice! Steve- you are one of the Heroes of the FSX History! Regards Walter Specs: i7 6700k, Nvidia GTX1070 and 1920x1080 LG Monitor.
  2. Attention! My personal experience is, that the blurry Textures are mostly a result of frequently Installing and Deinstalling Addon and Freeware Sceneries! (Be careful also if you deinstall e.g. UTX or other Area Sceneries) Essential FSX-Files are gone or left Overwritten. Most critical are Entries in the Autogen Description or Terrain.cfg-Folder - and of course all Scenery and Texture Files! The more Sceneries you install - and deinstall, the more Danger comes on, that your Base-FSX-World is going confused!! To avoid all that for me, i took another FSX-Install on a seperate PC and let the Installers do there Work into my created Dummy Folders. So i can see what happens- and afterwards, i copy the depending Files manually to my main FSX Machine! A lot of Work, sure, .. but the earnings are a sharp and crisp Landscape - and absolutely ZERO Blurries!!
  3. ..yeah - the mystery of blurry Textures..! I detected the main reason - it is about the Install and Uninstall of Addon Scenery (Free- and Payware) via the Auto Installer and removing via Control Panel or Uninstaller!! For Testing i made a separate FSX Install on another PC to see what happens after uninstalling some Scenery!? I am scared what i had to see which catastrophically Results : Essential Files are gone or left overwritten related to the important sections in Scenery,Texture, Autogen, LWcfg. So that is i am wondering.., i made around 30 fresh Installs of FSX and every time the same Tragedy. At first everything is pretty nice. But after a few weeks all gets more and more blurry. Now i Install a new Scenery Addon at my second PC by duplicating the original FSX Folders with a new empty one (with a Dummy File). After the install is done i copy the depending Files manually back to the Main FSX PC. The Result after 4 Month practice this technique - is a crisp and clear FSX(FTX) World like at the First Day! Best Regards Walter
  4. ..the same to me, dramatically frameloss across the ocean. I solved that for me using the FSWaterConfigurator..!
  5. Yes - mine too, the Controllers going crazy after a while when FO is turned on! The only way out is a restart of VoxATC. Using 6.52 with Steam FSX! Hope that is comforting you...
  6. Tried to Tag Model as Aircraft from the default BeechBaron via the Toolbox getting the Error Message: Model File is not Legacy Using FSX-Steam Edition! Any Suggestions? Thank´s Walter
  7. Purchased DX10 Fixer in January 2014 - and removed it immediately, because SweetFX did not work with Windows 8.1 in DX10. Tried dozens of Versions, Radeon Pro, all i found on Internet, but no success. With Steam-FSX and the new Reshade Build 0.19.2 Public Beta - what a surprise - it works on Windows 8.1. Now i can realize, what great Work you have done Steve! Thank you Walter
  8. You´ll need the File: vareg Put this (Key)File in: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings\VoxATC X ..and your Registration is back again! Bye Walter
  9. ? Does the Freeware Tool AI-Cull the same...
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