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  1. Most of the aircraft I have used in several sims use left click and cycle through the settings. To be honest I can't remember encountering a right click for a long time and they only use is on some switches so it's not consistent. I've added Right Click, Mouse Wheel Click, and try them all to my list!
  2. Right click. Never thought of that. Usually left click cycles through the settings. Just downloaded it so I hope it's current. Got it from Just flight. The right click is never mentioned in the manual and probably should be. Hmm, I was born in Boulder, Co. Got it. Thanks.
  3. I have chocks in, all three generators off, parking brakes on, the GPU image on the Options panel shows a green check mark in the upper left corner. However, I can not get the EXT Power switch to go into the ext power switch position. It is in normal when loaded and if I click it then moves to Low Temp Start. No amount of clicking will get it to EXT power. Any ideas on what's wrong. I've gone through the posts here and the manual which simply says EXT Power on, Parking Brake on,Gens off and the plane meets all those criteria. Thanks.
  4. I didn't touch the perms so who knows. I manually added the entry and it's running now - or was until I ran out of tries. Thanks for the info on the initialization.
  5. I did a normal install and only copied files later when it did not work and that was based on some hints from posts in this forum. The dl file did not get added to P3D dll.xml file. I added it manually and it works now. Thanks. Okay. Now it thinks it's the first start again so I'll redo the setup but a least it's there now.
  6. I am running 2.9.30 demo and want to use it with P3Dv5. I installed it as Administrator, let it put it in the default location, started it and done the intitial setup. P3D runs as admin as does MCE. I start P3D, the start MCE with the desktop icon. MCE sits there and tries to connect but never does. I have no entry in the P3D add-ons menu for MCE nor is it listed in the add-ons list in the Options menu of P3D. I've added exclusions for the MCE and P3D exe to my antivirus, I've made sure the 64 bit fsinsider dll is installed and copied the files from MCE dlls x64 in the zip file to the P3D directory. Any ideas on why MCE refuses to connect? Thanks.
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