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  1. For myself, the A2A Accusim B17 pulled me to FSX. Otherwise I probably would still be with FS9/GW3. I like the vintage stuff. Mainly the bigger DC3, Twin Beech, Ford Trimotor kind of aircraft. But the one thing lacking was the realism, and A2A provided that. After awhile I picked up A2A's P40, for something different, never had an interest in fighters before, and have enjoyed the faster speeds with it. Same with the 172. Never had an interest in modern GA, but the realism makes it interesting. For scenery, nothing compares to GW3 for a vintage world, I keep FSX mostly default.
  2. Hard to pick a favorite here. Depends a lot on the aircraft, the situation, the goal.
  3. My favorite warplane is the A2A B17 with Accusim. I like the bigger vintage aircraft, military and civilian, and this aircraft fits perfectly. As far as FSX being a modern sim, yes it is, out of the box. But it does not have to stay that way. Just like many have updated to the latest detailed airports, nav aids, AI. I have done the same, only going the other way. Back in time.
  4. Interesting. And mostly expected. But over the year, I have seen more users move from FSX to P3D. One thing I would like to mention, the categories of aircraft. Most of the available selections did not apply to me. I fly mostly older/vintage aircraft. GA, commercial, military. No jets. No helicopters. This leaves only GA and military to choose from. I do fly older and more modern GA, but only older military aircraft. Again, no jets.
  5. I was getting that fsuipc beep earlier this year. First just on longer flights. Then started beeping on short flights. I discovered an overheating processor due to the cooler breaking loose from the main board. A new cooler and a good cleaning inside took care of the problem.
  6. The number 1 priority is a smooth running sim. Which I have. FSX. Displays maxed. I am happy with simple and complex aircraft. Depends on the situation. I like A2A's aircraft greatly. But can be happy with a default as needed. Default scenery is pretty good in FSX, with a few addons. Default weather is ok. Real weather is hit and miss. AI I usually keep off unless flying GA aircraft. Default AI is fair, same with the ATC. I also make my own AI plans for an area that I will be flying in. Soon will be building a new computer. Hoping to have Orbx scenery running well.
  7. It is pretty cool and very rewarding when a pilot can successfully navigate to some place using simple tools (his/her brain) without a computer doing it all.
  8. Wind drift gauges are addon gauges, put into the aircrafts' panel. VC or as a 2d panel. There are several available. I like Glen Copeland's TWI gauge. These certainly help as it is difficult to figure the wind in the sim. I like your cockpit. Very nice.
  9. Navigating across a featureless desert or ocean can be challenging. I have used a combination of wind drift gauges, stop watches, and sextant with good success.
  10. Might want to check out the upcoming MacRobertson air race over at SOH coming this October.
  11. There is a great many vintage aircraft available for FSX. Many FS9 aircraft have been modified to work better in FSX. Also, check out Golden Age Simulations for some native FSX vintage AC. For some old time navigation, how bout a sextant. The DB and MB sextant for FS9 has been updated for FSX. I have recreated the Amelia Earhart flight round the world using the FSDB L10E using only the sextant. Great fun and challenge.
  12. I have been seeing this "Java" thing all summer long at many sites. Including my ISP web mail page. My security blocks it instantly.
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