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  1. I've never seen it while flying, which is odd because my new Ryzen CPU is severely bottlenecked by a GTX 1080. Just to be clear, stutters do happen every now and then but only when the GPU is struggling to keep up. No spinning circle from what I can tell. Not sure if it's of any use to you, but I fly with photogrammetry and multiplayer both turned off. Live weather is turned on. My computer is wired to a 5000/5000 mbit internet connection with the router sitting less than a foot away. I hope you find a solution.
  2. It depends on your settings. Using higher lod values, the autogen (photogrammetry = off) will extend further out. By default, the sim is limited to a value of 2.0000 (200 in sim) but you can change it to a higher number (eg. 8.0000) in your UserCfg.opt file if you have the processing power to back it up. There are pros and cons to both settings. I personally prefer the autogen as photogrammetry can look questionable and produce weird artifacts. Autogen is always sharp but you lose the distinct skylines. It's a trade off.
  3. Just wrapped up the first couple of tests in and around New York/Manhattan in the A320, and safe to say already, wow... what a difference! Right off the bat, using the exact same settings and starting out at KLGA, only the Empire State Building (custom object) would be visible in the distance with terrain/object lods set to 100 and photogrammetry off. I'm now seeing a ton of autogen buildings from the tarmac. Perhaps most important of all, my aging system with just 4 physical cores had been struggling to keep up with the more powerful GPU. Using a ton of custom tweaks along with the refresh rate mod, I had managed to improve things but micro stutters would persist. Well, no more. The sim was smooooooth throughout in what I'd classify as a very demanding scenario (Manhattan). On top of that, my landings were always bumpy in the airliners and while still not perfect, they're much better. Not sure what changed there (haven't fully read the changelog yet) but it's certainly not a placebo. It's a very noticeable change in my sim. I'm not much for hyperboles but everything is quite simply better on my end using the latest update. Hats off to you guys, Asobo. I'm super impressed by this update!
  4. Settings > Graphics > Change Lens Correction to ON
  5. I have to agree with Colonel X here, something is definitely wrong and needs to be fixed by Asobo. Upon launch, MSFS automatically defaults to High but I'm getting insane micro and macro stutters, lasting anywhere from a couple of seconds to minutes. They are there from start to finish. FPS is high (but unflyable) regardless of what settings I choose. Specs i7-7700K GTX 1080 32 GB RAM SSD 1920x1080 Screenshot below was taken using the following settings Preset set to Low AI off Multiplayer off Vehicles and boats off Rolling cache on/off (tried both) HT on/off (tried both) HAGS on/off (tried both) Vsync on/off (tried both) Half resync rate using both Nvidia Control Panel and Rivatuner Antivirus, antispyware and antimalware completely shut off Two days in with extensive testing and I'm just about ready to throw in the towel. Again, settings appear to make no difference whatsoever.. the crazy stutters remain. My system is stable with zero issues outside of MSFS. Asobo, please fix this. Your simulator is gorgeous but it is literally unusable right now. That being said, any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. A game is, by rule and definition, simulated. Whether physical or abstract, games can serve as entertainment in its purest form, be educational or both. It matters not if you're running the virtual runtime environment off a refurbished hundred dollar laptop or one of United Airlines' state-of-the-art A320 simulators in Denver. Understand that a simulation will always be a game and vice versa. What's of importance is what you make of it, really.
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