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  1. Saitek Yoke with its serial Throttle Quadrant and additional Saitek USB Throttle Quadrant both stopped working. They appear with "!" yellow signal inside device management window and are not recognized by device controls in control panel. Unable to update/restore/reinstall the correct drivers, even via device management or via up-to-date saitek installers. I would appreciate any help. Best Regards, Marcelo Monteiro
  2. Thank you very much.. First I tried to deal with an update installation (since either way was supposed to give the same results) but I had to reinstall from the beggining as you suggested to solve this issue Marcelo Monteiro
  3. james008

    Recall error

    same here, after a clean installation.. Marcelo Monteiro
  4. I updated my FSX 737 base + expansion products to this new version, but the WX RDR is not working... and the WXRDR panel on pedestal section remains fully unclickable.. mouse arrow does not turn into a "hand" when passing over WXRDR pedestal panel knobs and switches does anybody have any idea? Thanks Marcelo Monteiro
  5. resuming my point of view, after compiling historical PMDG comments in this forum and paying attention to PMDG historical market way of thiking (except for punctual releases that, for specific reasons, was not foccused on high sales, like DC-6)... Too early to be developed, but to be expected in the future = 787-8, 787-9, 737-MAX Not to be expected, due to prognosis of poor sales = 707, 717, 727, 737 (classics and jurassics), 747 (classics), 747-8, 767-400, DC-10 (and older DCs), MD11v2, L-1011, F-100 Not to be expected, due to market focus = any Airbus, any Business Jet TO BE EXPECTED (in the order I think it would make business sense) = 1) 757-200, 767-300 (757-300 and 767-200 would be target to a possible later expansion that I think will not really come) 2) Embraer regional jets, ATR-72 3) Bombardier regional jets ("globally" I think Embraer regional jets would open a wide market to PMDG, but maybe PMDG thinks different) Regards, Marcelo Monteiro
  6. after years without CTDs on my sim, I'm getting CTDs when requesting ALTN WXR update; already reported via ticket system... Marcelo Monterio
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