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  1. I have noticed I never get VNAV calculations on the CHANL2 EHF off KSNA. This is the only one that fails to calculate which of course makes VNAV disconnect. Any idea why this departure is causing a hiccup? Not that big of a deal since its just dropping back a level of automation. It just seems strange. Thanks! Justin
  2. Love it. Lol nice work sir, nice work.
  3. Love it! I need to get some new sound files for a couple events. The FT E175/190 is my favorite for butt kicker. The thump really depends on the touchdown rate for it. The NGX seems less descent rate dependent and a bit too much vibration in smooth air. I haven't downloaded any alternative files for it yet.
  4. That is strange. My fix was simply updating my database.. I was a few weeks late. Tisk tisk..
  5. I show the correct MTOW for the -800 in the FMC in pounds. I haven't checked the -7 or -9.
  6. I believe he meant for the auto callouts of v1 and rotate by the aircraft. If both speeds are the same it can't call out both.
  7. Ahh,thanks for the link. I searched the forums but nothing came up. I hated the eldee arrival into DCA if there was icing in the descent. I flew the ERJ for eagle and with the added power required for the anti icing system made it dang near impossible to make the restrictions. Last night that's exactly what I had to do. Vnav not available due to the vert path full error and I had a a/t failure to boot. Definitely added work load. Thank goodness the alt rest are between restrictions. Makes it much easier then hard altitudes.
  8. Dang auto correct. Title should be vert path full.
  9. Hadn't seen this until tonight. ORD to DCA with the fredm1 arrival and RNAV 19 approach. Seems to overload the vnav path calculations.
  10. I just went through this. You have to set it up as a . Offset for Eng #1 - 70320, and for # 2 - 70321 If I remember correctly you have to put a 1 and 0 in there somewhere to identify on/off type setting. Try it out. Someone else may have better instructions.
  11. A good way to know if something needs to be on all the time is- if a master caution is triggered when its off then it should probably always be on unless an emergency checklist calls for it to be off.
  12. I thought this was from a lack of space on the hard drive. Like as files are uncompressed the hard drive runs out of space to use them?
  13. This would be awesome. I'm hoping for pop out displays for home built setup I have. Of course I'm set up for 737ng layout so displays will not be vertical setup but that's ok.
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