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  1. Hi Dave, I managed to solve one issue i had with the weather but have another that is bugging me. I can't seem to get a fix for it. Probably something simple. I have all windows, sim and p2a audio routed to my rift headset, when I change comm frequencies after being handed off to the next controller the sound level drops for P2A. I then have to remove the rift go in to my little speaker on my windows taskbar, open sound settings and turn the slider for P2A up full again. On every frequency change it drops the sound level from 100 to around 20. It will then stay at 100 until I change to the next controller then drops again etc. I have tried routing the audio differently in Windows and P2A with the same results. Not a show stopper but rather frustrating now as its probably something simple I'm overlooking.....any ideas? Darrel
  2. logic007

    Weather out of sync with sim

    Hi Dave Just wanted to let you know that I've finally solved this now with consistent results after testing at tons of different locations. Both P2A and XP are reporting identical atis info and assigning the correct runways and the wind socks also correct 😁 If the winds are now 240/10 XP will assign rwy27 instead of 09 the same as P2A and the zibo mod fmc atis. All 3 perfectly in sync finally. What worked for me was to have P2A set to read NOAA real weather and XP set to real world weather, but this has only worked correctly after uninstalling the XP NOAA plug in, and I also got rid of the pyhton interface which I only got for NOAA originally. So....happy chappy now! Thanks for the great support as always Darrel
  3. logic007

    Weather out of sync with sim

    Hi Dave, Forcing pilot runway is an option I am considering I've also noticed that when I dont enable the NOAA plug in for XP I get the same runways assigned but other wind and visibility mismatches etc. I will eventually figure all this out, I am going to do more testing later and see which combination works best for me. If I point P2A to the 'sim weather' I guess it reads the freshly updated Metar file in the XP root directory when XP is set to real world weather? If this is the case in theory they should be identical I presume if set to the same refresh rates. I will also test this later 🙂 Darrel
  4. logic007

    Weather out of sync with sim

    I've already checked the Metar file and they all match. But both programs assign different runways. I've also had both on 15min refresh before today. I'm not sure if it is a bug with either program as other users of both XP and P2A haven't reported this issue anywhere on the forums that I'm aware of and I am a relative newbie to XP so I believe its probably just me and my XP setup at the mo that's why I'm frustrated. I switched to XP as I do all of my flying in VR now and the native performance is good. The Zibo mod is awesome in the oculus and I find the overall resolution better in native. And also the sloping runways......first class! 10 x better for immersion. P3D needs this feature. I have been playing around with the different weather reporting options in both XP and P2A tonight and I think I'm getting a little closer to finding something that suits. Darrel
  5. logic007

    Weather out of sync with sim

    Thanks for the reply. The thing is I already have XP-11 set to Real Weather (refresh rate 30mins) and P2A set to use NOAA real weather (30 mins also) Its like the FMC in zibo and P2A are in sync. X-Plane is reporting differently. Before arriving at destination airport I read Atis in fmc and check P2A for arrival runway and winds. Both match, great. But during approach I end up with tail winds because in the sim its different so I end heading towards AI coming the opposite way down the runway....but the AI seems to match what X-Plane atis would report. Im currently experimenting with pointing X-Plane to the metar file and the atis in both P2A and XP then match but reported runways in use are different. X plane will then report winds at 230/10 for example but designate runway 09 for departure whereas P2A will report 230/10 but advise runway 27 at EGGP. The AI will use 09 Darrel
  6. Hi Dave. Hoping you can help I run the paid version of P2A. I have recently been running XP11. Issue I have is that when I have P2A set to read NOAA real weather, and in the sim its set to real world weather the Atis is generally spot on with the atis reported by the FMC in the zibo mod problem is that XP11 winds and atis are different from both these. For example atis in zibo mod reads winds 250/13 and P2A reports same winds on its atis. But in XP11 i get different winds and active runways than what is being reported twice......any ideas? Im also using the NOAA weather plug in. Id love to get this all in sync. Had all this running beautifully in P3D4 with Active Sky. Darrel
  7. I'm a few years late to this VR party I have just purchased the Rift today. Been using Track IR5 for a good while. I exclusively fly the NGX. Track IR5 is awesome and takes flying to the next level of immersion in the simulator, I never thought I would ever have it better for realism. That all goes out the window tonight after trying the Rift briefly with the NGX. Wow wow wow! I haven't even done a full flight yet but I already know that my TIR5 will be sold. As others have mentioned the level of scale and depth is truly unbelievable and takes your breath away....it really does. No one can convey this to you in any picture or video. I was excited after watching some vids on YouTube before I bought it but with some of the reviews I'd read still kept my expectations realistic, but this really is 100 times better than I imagined or expected. Compare this now to a full scale simulator and that's how much the immersion factor has increased. I know I will never fly a real 737 but I no longer envy the pilots that do! 😁 Daz
  8. logic007

    Sound setup when recording

    Thanks Dave I thought it should be something simple. I will try re-configuring after and report back. Darrel
  9. Hi Dave. Firstly I Just want to congratulate you on an awesome product! I've been reluctant to purchase any ATC product just yet as I always thought they weren't real enough and found with some of the robotic voices and procedures it took a lot away from the realism and immersion factor. But it was something I needed that my sim was lacking. I am enjoying P2A and only wish I had tried this earlier. I am currently on day 3 of my demo and already know that I am going to purchase this 👍The level of detail and customisation is awesome and I am continually being surprised by the new things I'm finding out and learning about this program hourly. I have an issue when I am recording my videos in that I can't hear any of the ATC instructions nor any of the chatter files I have set up when I play the recording back. I hear it all perfectly whilst I am recording though and all of my other add on sounds like GSX for example I can hear on the playback just not P2A . I know its probably something to do with the output sounds in P2A.....I currently have this set to my LCD tv which shows in the dropdown but I think i have also tried 'Primary output device' with no joy on the recordings. The tutorials and other videos I have seen the audio for P2A can be heard so I know its something simple I'm missing. Any help to point me in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks. Darrel