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  1. Weapons to combat mode.
  2. Thank You Drives me crazy that after so many years and a billion forum post some people still by into this nonsense. Playing a video game at home using a monitor is not the same as sitting in a dark cinema watching a motion picture with human eyes or any other eyes. Rant over As for FSX anything under 30fps and I'm concerned, above and I'm happy with my human eyes. :LMAO:
  3. With your system you can run very high setting as far as traffic is concerned. The great thing about UT2 is that you can adjust the traffic density while flying, like for me I would leave EGCC Manchester with 100% and when on approach to EGLL Heathrow drop it down to 50% just by hitting a key.
  4. I've now had a chance to try it out and it works great.Thanks for the gauge and time JimSawyer
  5. I'd also like a copy of the gauge if possible. Thanks Sawyer
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