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  1. This is sounding great Any chance of worldwide weather - ( perhaps from payware WX programs if no freeware data exists?)
  2. ADF Don't have the Seneca; but, if it's like the Malibu Don't try the round dials Under the standby numbers , there is a very small area for + or beneath that - for each digit They can be changed, then use swap [<->] button
  3. I haven't upgaded yet. The previous version is my first installtion of VoxATC I would sometimes wonder if my mike was being heeard, or bad speech, etc., when I first installed it. Win7 Speech Recognition- I sometimes noticed it would be off, not really sure if it was because I was jumping back and forth to Speech,Microphone setup,etc. I forget now if I had it set to ON, but now I have it in Sleeping Mode, This seems to keep up with my jumping between outside dialogs,etc I can't remember now if that was suggested in the manual or not, but perhaps if you try that it might help? ben
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