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  1. I live in fear of this exact situation...every time I open MSFS (after first visiting the MS store to check for updates related to the simulator) I open the content manager to look for product updates, then go to the Marketplace to see what's new or on sale and right there is the problem. I can only see the content I bought from the Marketplace as being 'Owned' but not the products I have installed - I have maybe 4 airports and at least as many aircraft purchased outside of the sim, and maybe 15 airports and 2 aircraft from the Marketplace and it's great to see them earmarked...but to learn that even at the point of purchase their is no indication - when clearly MSFS can see products installed there - until after the transaction has been completed is confusing. Why not help a brother out?
  2. MSFS with it's enumerated flaws is still miles ahead of every other civil flight sim (apples to apples) available today. In addition it will only get better - already exponentially better than it was on release with the regular technical and visual updates it has gotten. That said -if you have the disc space there's no reason to get rid of FSX - just keep it and run MSFS too. If I could I would have kept FSX because of what I have invested in it, but I had to make concessions when I replaced my old PC. If things hadn't gone pear shaped last year I would have not only kept FSX, but added P3D and MSFS, just to see what the differences are and to continue to enjoy the investments I've made to FSX.
  3. no one went from a primary trainer (PT) to a Corsair - the AT-6 (advanced trainer) Texan was usually the last transition - at some airfields a handful of the surplus or unsold P-39's and P-40's were used to familiarize graduates of the T-6 with more powerful aircraft characteristics before the pilots were assigned and sent to war. My dad had about 40 hrs in the P-39 Aircobra after he trained on the T-6..
  4. the Menasco inline engines were not powerful enough for more than introductory aerobatics. This aircraft was based on the primary trainer Ryan Recruit. Aileron rolls, spins (of no more than 3 revolutions), maybe a loop with a shallow dive for the energy needed - but this is no fighter plane. It's a beautiful day flier, cruiser. I have it and love it. I didn't know who this developer was until yesterday when I bought the STA - The model itself is almost flawless. For the price it is an excellent value.
  5. I think the accusations here are ridiculous in a word. The Hype guys have done their time and given a solid effort on a free ware project that is commonly acknowledged to be beyond reproach. If they want to protect the inroads they have made in adapting their helicopter physics to the MSFS global flight model that would be a standard position by any measure. No one is being forced to buy anything, and the price is not out of line with any quality flight sim aircraft for MSFS or 'equal' and I think that based on the commitment we've seen to their H135 project there is solid reason to believe this will be a properly supported product after the sale. Who can honestly say otherwise?
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