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  1. ESGG

    EGJJ Runway Designation

    Im not sure what to do with the MCE bur for RC you should run Rebuild Svenery DB on the startpage of RC. Before you do that its a good idea to get MakeRunways, which is a freeware program that is updating your runways within FSX/P3D Rgds Johnny
  2. Im using the VRInsight MCP 2 (Boeing). I've downloaded and installed all latest versions of A/C, FSUIPC (5.123) LINDA and the modul for Majestic DASH 8-400. Everything seems ok except for the rotary knobs for HDG, ALT and VS. Nothing happens in the MCP window or in the A/C when I turn them. Any ideas? Regards Johnny
  3. ESGG

    1000 to go ALT SEL

    I suppose you have figured out that by switching to another mode will make your FO to "shut up". I usually switch to "24 hour check" status after climb checklist is completed and keeps it there until its time for the "approach brief" and that kinda' sort out the problem. Beside the "1000 feet" issue with LINDA my first officer normally calls for V1 as soon as we start to move but then calls "rotate" at the correct speed. Regards Johnny
  4. Thanks, pretty much new things to learn about Linda, but seems to be very usefull.
  5. Hi! Just moved to P3D and got the PMDG B737NGX. Was trying to set up my VR Insight MCP Combo with the help of LINDA. Think I got it to work now, and understand how I can change assignment for buttons etc. But what about the display window? Now i have some text about "FL" with "00" below and "APU" with "0C" below. I just want the MCP to look like the "old" display when I didn't used Linda. Regards Johnny
  6. ESGG

    Radar Contact Win 10

    Hi! I also use W10 and had no problems at all after my upgrade. Are you using multiple monitors? In that case make sure the one where the RC-window is displayed in are active (click somewhere inside that window before trying to make a call). Regards Johnny
  7. Do you use the FMS Data Manager or Manual Install? Suggest you make a Manual Install and make sure the installer points to the correct folder where the PMDG Navdata is stored. Regards Johnny
  8. ESGG

    RC4 response problem

    Just a quick-check you can do, is RC responding to anything else? If you try to press 1 to request a higher altitude or 9+1 direct to? And if you use more then 1 monitor, are you sure your main screen is where you have been pointing with the mouse last time (just press it on any empty spot in that screen). An other thing you can do is to give the radio to "Otto" and see if everything works as planned in that case (ctrl+shift+k by default). I normally give the radios to Otto when ready for taxi and then let him do the radios until parking after landing. Since you, as the pilot flying, would normally not working the radios irl that is probably the most realistic way to use RC. Regards Johnny
  9. Hi! Can confirm I also have had this issue once, after a clean install of FSX and latest version of ASN. I just ignored the instruction to turn, and not long time there after RC was giving me a heading towards the field and transfered me to APP. But have made a couple of flights after that, also to the same airport, and having no problem, so really have no clue what was causing this. The only thing that was a little special at that time was that the actual QNH was very low, around 970 mbrs. By the way, the "unable" option is only there when you flying props I think. Regards Johnny
  10. I'm using Night Enviroment for Sweden together with ORBX FTX Global and I must say it improves the nightlfeeling a lot. You will be able to see citylights more distant away and from higher altitudes. Regards Johnny
  11. As Norman suggest, use the AS ATIS instead. Load your flightplan in to AS and then you listen on 122.02 or if you have the X-gauge installed check Destination Weather. Im not sure why RC dont seems to be able to read the weather correct, but that should not be a problem if you follow the advices above. Regards Johnny
  12. I ve noticed that the after take-off checklist seems to be a "dummie" or? What happened was that I forgot to call for "gear-up" after "postive climb". After a while I was wondering why the ac was climbing so slowly and noticed the gear was still down. Obviously there is actually no check of the position of the gear when the co-pilot silently perofrming the after take-off checklist. Is this a bug or supposed to be like this? Regards Johnny
  13. ESGG

    RC in P3D for "dummies"

    Well, now I get a little confused. My understanding was that many is using RC with P3DV2. I know there was a bug in P3DV2 making it impossible to save flightplans with the default flightplanner. Not sure if that had something to do with the problems before. I never save and restoring flights with RC if that is still a problem. I always make my flightplans with FlightsimCommander and just export them to the folder where RC picks them up I think and the run it (FSX). Regards Johnny
  14. Hi! I'm thinking of moving on to P3D, since there is an advanced aircraft (Majestic Dash 8-400Q) together with FS2Crew now offically is working in P3D. The only thing missing then is RC. I have been trying to figure out how to have it installed but still a little bit confused. I have RC and FSX installed and working on the same computer as I will use for P3D. Do I have to have a separate installation of RC for P3D? I still want to have the possibilty to use it with FSX. Would be nice to have a simple step-by-step-gudie on how to intall it in to P3D. Regards Johnny
  15. Well, if u using ASN and set up a flightplan within it, why dont just use it for the weather? 122.00 will give you departure weather and 122.02 the arrivals (at any distance I think). When you have the wind it will not be to hard to figured out the the most probable runway in use. By the way, your co-pilot in FS2Crew will set the transpondercode for you if you ask him to do so. Regards Johnny