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  1. Sam Nicholson

    Project Airbus Website Down?

    It's back up again for me, has been for about a week now
  2. Sam Nicholson

    Project Airbus Website Down?

    Also been trying to get on their site for a week or so now, looking for any updates on the 330/340 series. I've seen people post on their Facebook but with no reply and no tweets sent from their Twitter either. Maybe an A340 was too much to ask for?
  3. Sam Nicholson

    Processor advice.

    Mainly the price differences, for a Skylake system anything I configure seems to come out at around £1050-£1100, however I only really have the budget for £800-£850 Max. This is the first time i've built from scratch so i'm also not overly confident treading in to territory where not yet many people have yet been. (However that'll change after time). I have definitely looked in to the newer processors and have seen the improvements in performance but i'm not sure whether I can personally justify an extra £200 for a machine that's the top end of today's standards when I can configure a Haswell system which will still blow away most of my games and simulators with ease.
  4. Sam Nicholson

    Processor advice.

    Currently asking myself the same question for a brand new build I'm doing. I'm basically telling myself: - The i5 4690k is base clock 3.5 with Turbo up to 3.9Ghz standard, and would need OC'ing to get any further. - The i7 4790k is base of 4.0 with Turbo up to 4.4Ghz standard. Obviously the only REAL difference is the hyper-threading, which isn't really of any bother to FS users right now. However IMHO for future proofing and purely because of its base clock and how right now the processor would be staying stable, I'm probably going to go for the i7 to feel more comfortable. I want to get at least 5 years of comfortable gaming/simming before even considering upgrading as this is my first big proper build.
  5. Sam Nicholson

    FS 2004 PATCH

    You're very welcome, good Sir!
  6. Sam Nicholson

    FS 2004 PATCH
  7. Sam Nicholson

    FS 2004 PATCH

    The FSX Service Packs were uploaded by us - we had a "tip-off" that, as you say, things are happening behind the scenes (although we don't know for sure) and saw no reason why not to upload them to our servers. I hadn't noticed the FS9.1 update had also been pulled.. I think it would be wise to upload that too.
  8. Sam Nicholson

    New Gravel Runway Textures

    I just had to have this and downloaded it as soon as I put it up in the Library. Does it work in Fs2004 you say? Well it looks pretty darn good from my point of view!Apologies for the default Cessna LOL, not re-installed Carenado. :(
  9. Sam Nicholson

    Suppression Flight - Wet Operations
  10. Sam Nicholson

    Suppression Flight - Wet Operations

    A review from someone over at Fs Pilot Shop. I had a rough idea that such effort would be needed to install this into your a/c.
  11. Sam Nicholson

    Suppression Flight - Wet Operations

    I downloaded a freeware fx that does a similar job to this, I found that: 1) It was a pig to install the effects to the aircraft (And some aircraft couldn't handle the extra effect)2) I had an extremely big hit on my FPS! Yes, it does say no FPS hit on that webpage though.. I'd wait for some reviews.