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  1. Zoolander, This is iSamage.

  2. Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the Dinosaur!

  3. From the album: Sam's Lanzarote Lightweights

    Thomas Cook Airbus A320-214 G-DHRG performing a beautiful flare right over the threshold, lovely closeup but very poor lighting!

    © Sam Nicholson

  4. Airbuses, Boeings and ATRs! A lovely set of images, I think!
  5. From the album: Sam's Lanzarote Lightweights

    easyJet Airbus A320-214 G-EZTY just reaching T/O Thrust at Arrecife - Wonderful background! *Click image to view larger, better quality version* What do you think?

    © Sam Nicholson


  7. From the album: Sam's Lanzarote Lightweights

    Thomson Airways Boeing 737-300 G-THOO seconds from touchdown at Arrecife. Very rare to see these old 73's down the Canaries so I find this an excellent shot. *Click image to view better quality version* Opinions?

    © Sam Nicholson

  8. Thank you very much! New one just coming up now
  9. From the album: Sam's Lanzarote Lightweights

    Monarch Airlines Airbus A300-600R G-MONR seconds from touchdown at Arrecife airport. Taken 27/10/2011. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

    © Sam Nicholson

  10. From the album: Sam's Lanzarote Lightweights

    Thomson Airways Boeing 757-200 G-OOBP heading towards Arrecife's runway. Ironically it was headed for my home airport East Midlands, and I got rather excited thinking that in 4 hours it'd be home. I think this is a nice photo, but what do you think? How are my photography skills?

    © Sam Nicholson

  11. I've wrote "energy" so many times in this bloody physics homework that it doesn't even look like a real word to me now! D:

  12. From the album: Sam's Lanzarote Lightweights

    Just coming over the top, a nice crisp shot!

    © Sam Nicholson

  13. From the album: Sam's Lanzarote Lightweights

    Cloud started to settle in about an hour ago, and now it's all rainy. Shame really, but great shot I think!

    © Sam Nicholson

  14. So I walk home to do my physics project, then find out that the only time I do my homework before the day before the deadline, my main resource is gone. Wikipedia I needed you! :(

  15. 'Sorry to anyone with reservations in coaches G, H and I, unfortunately they got let behind in Glasgow'. Reassuring!

  16. Oh wow, the sky 10 minutes ago was just wonderful, and all these fields frosted over! I just love this!

  17. lol, letter home from Physics.... great.

  18. Ugh, so all thanks to that, i'll look at what i've got now and think "what a complete ###### thing" and instantly wish I actually got the other :/ :( Such a horrible feeling.

  19. Build up my hopes like that and then pretend you never did, nothing gets to me anywhere near as much as that. :(

  20. Much better mood now, had a great driving lesson! :)

  21. Everyone awake in stapenhill and briz valley, MAKE SURE YOUR DOORS AND CARS ARE LOCKED! Some ######ing pikees going round robbing!!!! ######ing tossers! NOT A JOKE!!

  22. "Battery Full" Challenge accepted...

  23. Eughhhhh. When you really miss an amazing friend :(

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