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  1. I recently switched to using hyperthreading on my 4790K and found out that using affinity mask to move P3D threads off the first core basically kills autogen loading performance in a scenario of view switches to live trafic injected with PSXSeekonTraffic and back to cockpit.
  2. What I did was planning flight to NZWD, but then landing manually at NZIR. Not a big deal, actually, cause they are very close, but you need visual meteorological conditions for it though.
  3. It's just an indication of how big of an impact this small tool has. I, personally, eagerly await its release too, trying not to write about it in this forum. :)
  4. I downloaded new version of VMRGenerator (5.7) and after running it, I have 15 airline ICAO codes missing from the internal database. Before, I would just edit ICAOAirlineCodes.txt, adding missing airlines on top of this file. How can I fix this situation now? Missing airline ICAO codes: BMS CLU CNM EDV GLF HFM LLX MEV MNU OTF QDA RLH SJO SVB VAW Also, there is single ICAO aircraft code missing: E75L
  5. Right now, there is an effort on Alpha India Group forums, to migrate all models to FSX format in a legal way, which can be used by everybody. You can read about its progress and struggles here: http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=25472.0
  6. Thank you for advice, I will try to learn about SimConnect logging and PMDG product logging as well. Yeah, it may be this way. Or it may be other way round - problem of broken FMC data may somehow be related to addition and removal of AI traffic, which may affect internals of PMDG aircraft. Could you tell, how additions and removal of AI craft is handled by PSXseeconTraffic? What simconnect calls are used? Or you use FSUIPC for that? Anyway, I will study both posibilities - and will learn how to log simconnect calls and try to log PMDG product operation internals. Probably I will have more information after that. Another good tip is to fly with other types of traffic, I will try it too. You program is amazing, flying now without it for testing purposes and I feel so lonely in empty skies. :)
  7. At the moment I have several problems, which I tend to associate with PSXseeconTraffic software (although, of course, I'm not 100% sure): 1) First problem is not a problem, but rather a symptom - when my unpowered PMDG 777-300ER stays at GATE location with traffic enabled, it can begin to jump up and down sporadically. If I close PSXseeconTraffic then this jumping is gone. I use 80 miles as radius for ai and I use weather addon AS 16. The same happened to PMDG 747 V2 too, which I did not fly for a month now. This problems happens not every time, and makes absolutely no harm (although today, when it manifested, I had a tailstrike all of a sudden when doing rather usual takeoff, but it may be a coincedence). 2) Second one is a real problem - for some reason, when PSXseeconTraffic is active, something goes wrong and FMC data of PMDG 777-300ER breaks during long hauls. Usually it happens at the end of the long haul flight, although it happened at the middle too. Basically, after this event, part of FMC data is missing, and because of it VNAV mode is not available (also fuel quantities are screwed up, with negative value displayed for right fuel tank(s)). Most of my long haul flight are usually have traffic at the departure and at the arrival, with almost no traffic in mid section (with occasional plane or two). Today I managed to catch this problem when I was present at controls (usually I fly long hauls while I'm at work), so I was able to shutdown PSXseeconTraffic and reload flight from 10 minutes prior, with FMS state not broken. Needless to say, flight ended without FMC data corruption (however, I had strange problem of plane teleporting onto the runway, which resulted in 600 fpm landing). This problem occurs every PMDG 777 long haul flight when PSXseeconTraffic is active, without any exceptions. I also fly short haul PMDG 737 NGX and BBC A320, and they seem not to be affected. 3) I do not experience this problem anymore, because I changed my normal procedures and start PSXseeconTraffic only after my aircraft is up and running, but previously, when I tried to start PMDG 777 using usual BATTERY ON + APU START sequence, sometimes, if PSXseeconTraffic was already running, it had no effect and no startup of PMDG 777 occured. I don't know what you can do with this incoherent bits of information apart from being prepared to more similar requests after your amazing product will go out of beta. :) However, if you want me to debug situation in more details, using some tools and scenarious provided by you - I will be glad to help you, because, frankly, I can't imagine flying without real traffic anymore.
  8. I'm experiencing the same problem now, it stopped working correclty all of a sudden and now I get it on every 777 flight.
  9. Sorry, for some reason I tried to run the program with unchecked checkbox "Search All Liveries Folders". Don't know why I did not notice it. :( Also, could you add ICAO code TPU for this airline https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avianca_Perú to the list of airlines in ICAOAirlineCodes.txt which is in data folder of VMRGenerator application? I already added it locally. Thank you very much for your beatiful program!
  10. Today I downloaded VMRGenerator 3.9, unpacked it, added my only AI folder to it and pressed Go button. Right after that I received a message about missing ai_liveries.txt file. But I supposed that this program should generate it! Of course, I'm an experienced user (and a programmer too), and I know what to do and I fixed this small annoyance in a second, but imagine how surprised a beginner would be. :)
  11. Could you add ICAO codes E75L,E75S to line with E170,E175,E190 in SimilarTypes.txt? Met the former several times already flying from MMMX to EHAM. Also, thank you for fantastic software, at the moment I cannot imagine my virtual flying without it. I have a new addiction right now - hunting for liveries which are scattered all over the internet. :)
  12. The problem lies not in amount of total system memory, but rather in amount of memory 32 bit applications are able to address (at the moment it is either 2 GB or 3 GB for large address aware applications). So adding system memory won't resolve this problem at all. The only solution now, is to set LOD_RADIUS and texture resolution settings to some lower values (also reducing autogen and scenery settings will also help, although to lesser extent). Also, you can try to set large address aware executable flag using some binary editing tools for Prepar3d.exe file (but I think in your case it was already set).
  13. Prepar3d has the same amount of airports, as FSX SP2 has. I think this line mentiones only high-detailed ones.
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