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  1. Could somebody please give me a discord link as all the other ones seem to have expired. Many thanks
  2. Mr. Boeing always advocated positive landings. Bump or sometimes Thump, your down.
  3. Geez Rob, you guys are making a good case for divorce. That is exactly what will happen if I tell my wife that I intend on upgrading my PC to accommodate V4.
  4. Nah, doing your pre-flight walkaround to gaze at your models awesome set of TITs has a certain ring to it.
  5. Thats what I so desperately wanted my first wife to model for me...
  6. You are all wrong. Its going to be a re-devolped version of farm simulator X, PMDG style
  7. Aww c'mon Robert, I am sure someone is in the ballpark. It has to be a new line of aircraft or a new line of sim. Outside of those two, I think we may be headed outside of your line of expertise. Lol
  8. Well fellas my two cents worth, Lockheed with their 'skunk works' brought us the SR71 back in the day, so I can only assume that the pigeon works is some collaboration with Lockheed Martin for Prepar3d, an expansion for the sim in some way. Either way, aircraft, scenery or sim expansion itself it will be worth waiting for.
  9. That woulda been scary Dan lol. Years before I started flying, my dad told me a story about him flying a Saab Safir, I think it was and the pic failed to verify all doors were secure and after takeoff, the passenger door which hadn't been secured got wrenched open by the dynamic pressure of the slipstream. (Like how a wing generates lift). There was an ensuing battle between the forces of pressure for a while, (nobody could pull the door closed). They landed soon after but my dad recalls having the need for a change of underwear seeing as he was sitting in the passenger seat. Not a fun thought.
  10. Same issue guys. Do we have to submit a ticket or has anyone asdressed this yet because in some of the videos posted, there are actually liud external sounds. They just don't seem to be working for us poor few. Regards
  11. Spot on my friend. I am with FSX and am developing addons for it as well. I have the perfect sim in my opinion and as long as I can create realistic content for it on my own steam, I see no reason to change. I personally have everything I need.
  12. From Black Adder: treat your women like you treat your plane - get into her seven times a day and take her to heaven and back
  13. Here goes, a smart alec ppl was on approach to a small field when to break up the boredom, he radios the control tower with " Guess who?". The controller promptly switches off the runway lights and radios back, "Guess where?".
  14. Love your work PMDG would love a cseries and would buy on day one. In fact have started on one for myself while I wait 'patiently'. https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=9s&v=oUc4Zx9s_zA Regards TJ
  15. Well owing the fact that the staggerwing got a stock panel, I doubt they would do any different. So looking forward to it and the s340.
  16. Search your effects folder for the PMDG 747-400 engine and apu .fx files. Cannot remember their actual names and rename them. Try that. Hope you have some luck.
  17. Had the same trouble and raised a ticket. Was asked to disable the exhaust effects (engine ane and apu) works fine now.
  18. Awesome work man. Any chance you might do one for the passenger versions as well. Cheers
  19. Same problem here guys but if you check the FSX/P3D CTD guide (under Tom Allensworths picture), it suggests that it is a common problem and should be treated as an OOM. Apparently there is no fix but it suggests that you can try to uninstall and reinstall acceleration pack. I have just got my sim stable so am not trying this suggestion. But you guys may want to. Regards.
  20. Problem fixed, it was the engine and APU exhaust effects which were killing the external Fps. Disabled them and she works great (Thanks Paul Golnick). Strange though as I have a reasonable system.
  21. Tried your approach Louis but no luck so have opened a ticket
  22. Thanks for the info Louis, will give it a shot when I get home
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