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    JustFlight 787 Cancelled

    Thank you Jimm for posting that information, and like Nuno Pinto I wonder if there is some other reason. Unfortunately the latest from Quality Wings does not fill one with great hope for reading between the lines I got the distinct impression we will be fortunate if we ever see a QW787 from them on FSX or P3D.
  2. crackfire

    Ezdok help

    There are default settings. To alter them right click on each Effect button, but suggest you only alter the Main control Button which in the case of RHm is Called Global Control.
  3. crackfire

    Quick ifly 747 400 v2 video

    Loved it Pedro, you're an Ace! And the music so tasteful. Cheers.
  4. Simply superb screenshots Niclas, I don't know how much closer you could get to reality, the sea and trees look just so real Thank you for sharing them with us.
  5. crackfire

    Acronis True Image for Backup

    I must admit to an LOL when I read Gareth's comment of Acronis's instructions! I did think I was the Dummy! Why they make the instructions so complicated I cannot fathom. Has anyone achieved success with O&O's supposed 'One Click' Backup for Disks or Partitions? Cheers.
  6. I think some of us are missing the point. I don't mind at all that Microsoft require us to register our copy on installation and probably vc10man doesn't mind that either really. It is the feeling that Microsoft don't do anything willingly, have you ever tried to get them on the phone when your registration key doesn't work? And eventually some bloke in Korea answers after some considerable time to give you a 27 digit code to put in that hopefully might do the trick. No, Microsoft are clearly only interested in selling you something mostly without commitment, just try getting an answer from them to a W7 question, never mind FSX which they have already sold you and want to sell you another.
  7. crackfire

    FS 9.95 never looked so good.

    How refreshing to read the positive comments about FS9 complete with screenshots. As a relative newcomer to flightsimming, it is confusing to say the least knowing which way to turn. From the commercial viewpoint P3D seems to be the next step but depends on a high end computer and at this early stage a Phd. in computer knowledge or programming would be useful, whereas there still seems to be progress being made on the FSX platform with DX10 and for those just wanting to fly, or perhaps on a budget, there's some superb freeware available for FS9. Interesting indeed, but thank you for the screenshots, I'm glad I have kept my FS9 copy and have a spare partition!
  8. Hello Earth Simulations. No offence taken. However I believe you are under the impression that my problems with ES scenery stem from installing Uk2000 scenery of the Channel Is. with that of your own. This of course is impossible as UK2000 Channel Islands scenery is only for FS2004 and my misfortune with ES scenery was endeavouring to install it in FSX, and particularly at the end of satisfactorily installing at least 250GB of other software scenery. So you can perhaps understand why I was so aggrieved at having to start afresh with a complete reinstall. No, as previously stated, I unfortunately believe it is the fact that some ES scenery does not sit comfortably with either ORBX or UK2000 on the same computer and my interest is solely to make fellow flightsimmers aware of my experiences. In respect of the laborious install procedure through your website, well, I am glad to see from other posts that I am not alone. I came to the conclusion that your website and install procedure had been set up with one purpose in mind, to prevent pirating and certainly not for the convenience of the flight simmers. It may interest you to know that as a member of a flight sim group for 3 years, I believe that 95% of the 40 members are not interested in pirated copies, aware that further development depends on purchasing the software. However, to conclude the discussion, I wish your company and its future well, but I would ask you to remember that there is more to a continuing successful business than simply short term selling of the product.
  9. I am sorry to disagree entirely with the above comments. I do not have experience of the I.O.M. software that E.S produces. However, as stated, I do have experience of the three sceneries mentioned. Firstly, UK2000 only makes FS2004 Guernsey scenery. However, in my opinion the fact is that ES Guernsey has a conflict with UK2000 FSX scenery. It has also been experienced by others as will be confirmed by comments on the support forum. Moreover, it could not be disputed that installation from boxed copies must be quite the most tedious experience of all software scenery producers. (Unless of course you have your grannies D.O.B. readily to hand.......joke!)
  10. Regrettably, my experience with Earth Simulation software scenery is not good, and from Forum comments I have read, I am not alone to suffering CTD's after installation. I have Scilly Isles(OK), Alderney and Guernsey, the last mentioned a particular problem. It does not seem to sit happily with either ORBX or UK2000 scenery but perhaps a more powerful computer might solve my problem. The installation procedure alone is a complete headache and I know of other flightsimmers that think likewise. Sorry to be so negative, I particularly enjoy the Channel islands so I would be delighted to learn of more positive experiences.
  11. crackfire

    713 and unregistered dll's

    New Rig. Windows 7. 32 Bit. Error 713 and the missing file MSSTDFMT.DLL Followed JD's initial instructions.................Unsuccessful.Found file in Windows/sysWOW folder. Downloaded new file from Ascentive. Returned to JD's initial instructions but for 64 Bit rig rather than 32.bit, and followed instructions given by 'tom55', right clicking on cmd at top of Search page and 'Run as Administrator. Success was at last achieved.As a newbie I have found that running as administrator right from applying for the Registration Key can avoid some problems.My thanks to JD, DerekJB and Tom55.