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  1. "Do we have any traffic addons in development?" Of course! http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/ They are working everyday!!!
  2. So every released airport from t2g, flytampa etc. should easy convert to aerfly fs2 format without cost of developing time, because they already did their airport in 3dmax etc. This make sense for me.
  3. So if companies like FlyTampa, Aerosoft etc. are still having their "what ever 3D Design Tool" ressources of their already released airports/scenerys, so they should be able to convert to Aerofly FS2 Format through the SDK of Aerofly?
  4. How do you compare the settings from FSX SE and P3D? Maybe you could move the sliders of Scenery Objects lower. I read that the settings of scenery objects are different to fsx se.
  5. I want water like this Yes I know its impossible because its different engine.
  6. You have to add the path of the showed program in the pictures.
  7. 1. You will need the FSX Sdk. 2, In Options, you have to add the paths to programs which are content of the FSX SDK If you are still confused, I will show you a picture today evening (europe time)
  8. Did you updated in the options the paths of various programs from the FSX SDK?
  9. The FSL Airbus containts only A320 right? Will A321 , A319 and A318 releaed in the future too?
  10. Yes if FSL is on Aerowinx PSX Level. But if not? Then its not a bargain.
  11. Why should I do a little research when I am not interested in that addon?
  12. How did you install it although you didnt pay for it? Magic?
  13. Maybe you mix russia up with north korea. Yes both flags are red....
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