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  1. I didnt read the whole thread. But I have a question. What about sceneries Folders like EURE, EURW etc. Can I use the add-on.xml for them too?
  2. Well instead of using blue print sceneries, I would use default airports.
  3. You should install it again. Deinstall it first.
  4. I use your setting but I dont have many planes at heathrow anymore. Look: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/161221/6q72ulkq.jpg What should be my setting if I want more airplanes in my near surroundings but in other airports very less.
  5. Where did you buy this aircraft? What aircraft is it?
  6. You can use FSUIPC. Go into Modules, where you fsuipc.dll is located. Open Fsuipc4.ini, scroll down and write following: [Programs] Run1=Kill,Your Path\AirTrafficManagerFSX-P3D Radar\AirTrafficManager.exe
  7. Boys, he is usually use Afcad Airports and not payware. So I think GTX 1060 or the newest Amd GPU is enough.
  8. "Do we have any traffic addons in development?" Of course! http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/ They are working everyday!!!
  9. AI Traffic and Scenery Objects are Frames Killer for me.
  10. So every released airport from t2g, flytampa etc. should easy convert to aerfly fs2 format without cost of developing time, because they already did their airport in 3dmax etc. This make sense for me.
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