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  1. GlobalGentleman

    Anyone try My Traffic 6 yet?

    You said it beerwolfe!! Funny thing is...I had WOAI installed up till today, working great except for the occasional solid black was mainly the additional GA traffic that swayed me over to MT6. No wonder I held my finger over the mouse a little longer than normal before clicking the 'delete' button on all those WOA aircraft. Uggghhhh!!
  2. GlobalGentleman

    Anyone try My Traffic 6 yet?

    Same problems here. VOX panel select crashes every time now, can't even assign it to an aircraft. Completely dead in the water. It was working ok and the only thing I've done in the last 48hrs to P3D is install MT6. Hmmmm. Would love to use both together, but as they say...if it looks like a duck....
  3. GlobalGentleman

    Simpit Running

    Sounds good, thanks I know, sometimes I feel like I spend more time reading component datasheets than flying these days...! Cheers!!
  4. GlobalGentleman

    D_Dragon's Boeing 737-800 home cockpit

    Impressive planning, organization and quality!! Look forward to following your progress Thanks for sharing!!
  5. GlobalGentleman

    Simpit Running

    Kudos on your ruthless perseverance...the project looks amazing!!! Totally empathize with you on the 'two steps forward, three steps back' journey On the DU's, are those encoders or pots? you indicated switches, so I was wondering for own future reference. If you had a Mouser ref# handy for the 45deg. ones, that would be awesome. Thanks so much for all the updates and info during your build! It's so helpful as a reference!!
  6. GlobalGentleman

    Simpit Running

    Thanks for the link to Interstate...are you enjoying working with it so far...seem strong/sturdy enough? Your build is really coming along! Love the $10 monitor!! I've got a few of those myself in 15" and 17" for a G1000 build in the not near future, lol. Curious to see whether you go with the smoked or clear. That final picture looks great, whichever one you have applied to the screen. Good thing we can always count on 'man's best friend' as an FO!!
  7. GlobalGentleman

    Simpit Running

    Really great watching all this come together for you...congrats! Also a fantastic educational experience for us 'future builders' lol!! May I ask where's a good resource to get some of these Foamalux PVC sheets? is it easy to work with? Thanks!
  8. GlobalGentleman

    Simpit Running

    That's great...any estimate on what your field of view is (degrees) with the new projector? is it more than what you had with the monitors? It looks like you have a lot more fov, both vertically and horizontally....seems really immersive!
  9. GlobalGentleman

    Dammit! =( I should've gone with an A320 instead

    +1 on that...way more engaging! and strengthens techniques to be applied in RL if/when the time comes.
  10. GlobalGentleman

    Simpit Running

    So how do you like the Viewsonic projector vs. 3x24's so far? The views and perspective look amazing!! Very realistic proportions. I've been struggling with this choice myself, so just curious how you're finding it... Thanks!
  11. GlobalGentleman

    OK..I got my first phase of my cockpit done!

    Yes, the emuteq is looks to be fantastic quality and build but the price reflects that...this is a great find though, especially at this price point!! Please do let us know how you like it with the RealityXP 530. Look forward to your updates on the build. Thanks!
  12. GlobalGentleman

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Have never made a livery request before, but would any of you talented gents kindly consider bringing back one of the retro SAS liveries, preferably the belly stripe?I would be extremely appreciative!! Many thanks for all your hard work and devoted time to offer us these beautifully painted birds.