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  1. Hey Bryan, Just wanted to let you know the problem did not repeat on a flight I did tonight. Let's hope it stays that way... One of those illusive glitches.
  2. Thanks for the reply Bryan, I'll check on this myself as well, see if I can replicate it, but that may not be until the weekend in the worst case.
  3. Hey, Just wanted to check in anyone else has experienced this: When using the "match speed" command, I've had the copilot's speed input runaway every time I've tried it so far. The copilot starts adjusting the MCP speed in the correct direction, slows down as he's getting close, and then suddenly continues full speed to the stop... Using SOP1. Will check later if this is repeatable, but it happened 3 times in a single flight today.
  4. I'd say those who sent an email were contacted. But: So don't expect anyone to spill the beans. 😉
  5. You got me wondering what you guys have been cooking up... Nice to see livery painters getting some attention! Won't be applying myself though. Don't think I meet the requirements. And I certainly don't have the time to be a constructive and helpful tester at the moment.
  6. Hey, Best thing to do is contact PMDG through their support system. https://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ They're pretty good at responding in a timely fashion there. Issues with activations and licences are topics only they can help you with. That being said, they made no problem of it when I ran out of activations for one of their products a couple of years back. The Windows question depends on what you're planning to do for a new PC. If you're buidling one from scratch (or reused parts) then yes, you'll probably need to buy a retail copy if you don't have a valid license for Windows 10 anymore.
  7. Definitely not what I was expecting PMDG to announce. Although truthfully, I had no clue or suspicion or idea whatsoever. I'm not entirely sure this will be a product for me. But there were some interesting features mentioned in the presentation. I'll be very interested in hearing more about this product as news is released. Kyle, from reading this forum, I know you've got a tough skin. But I just wanted to say: Don't let the haters get you down. No product will ever appeal to everybody. And disappointed people are usually the most vocal. Whether this Global Flight Operations turns out to be my cup of tea or not, I do appreciate the huge amount of work that goes into something like this.
  8. Got a response from Carenado support on this one. Apparently, it's as simple as running the "F1GTN750F50.exe" program located in the aircraft installation folder (\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado F50). How amazingly customer friendly of them, to never mention something like this in the documentation that comes with this product.
  9. I can't get the Flight1 GTN 750 to show in the Fokker 50. The clickspot doesn't work (although the tooltip shows), and there's nothing I can find in the documentation or any of the 2D panels. I've tried with it enabled or disabled in the GTN config program. In the former case, the GTN 750 works as a 2D panel (and the FMC flightplan doesn't), but it's still not showing in the VC. Anybody any insights as to how I could get this fixed? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Had a lot of fun a couple of years ago hopping all around Iceland in the J41 in FSX. Looking forward to repeating and expanding on that experience in P3D4.
  11. Thanks for the preview Robert! Very nice indeed! Here's to hoping the J41 gets where it needs to be eventually.
  12. Very nice shots... You're really making me anxious waiting to take her up for a spin in P3D myself...
  13. Just ran into this problem today, affecting only the 747v3 and DC-6, and only in 32 bit sims, P3Dv4 was fine. Removing this windows update seems to have did it, working again now! I'll see about the other fix mentioned in this topic, but not right now.
  14. Use the Product Support page on the PMDG website. https://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ Hope this helps...
  15. The J41 wasn't an aircraft I expected to like at first... But I fell in love with her, hard. So much so, that I really, really considered blowing up a perfectly fine and fully kitted out FSX:SE install and reverting back to the old boxed version, just for this single aircraft. Really missing this nifty little thing. But I do understand that there are technical limitations that may impact the feasibility of updating this product. So I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope the roadblocks are small enough not to keep this from happening. And I do hope you'll forgive me for not managing to stay silent when a topics as this one come up.
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