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  1. What makes the flight sim community so great is that there are users across all ages and they all have something to add to our hobby. The OP has his own flight sim website(see signature) that includes simmers of all ages so I'm not sure what he is trying to imply here other than to say that Avsim does not moderate their site properly or that old age makes for more interesting content which from my experience is an inaccurate inference. As a matter of fact I learned something the other day from a young simmer that was more polite and eloquent than a few "grey beards" I know. So it seems that we all have something to learn no matter what our age Mr. Porter.
  2. Yes I would love to see it and the bloopers too!
  3. lilgus

    Where do I find the videos

    When will the downloadable course be available at other flight sim stores that many of us are already used to dealing with?
  4. Works and looks excellent, thanks a bunch. Now all my GPS's are in 3D. Couldn't be happier. :(
  5. That is excellent, I already did this to my default _295 and _500 and also included the radar option, a big improvement to the looks and it also makes flying low and slow a bit easier. This was something that I really did miss when flying the c337. You will definitely get a pm from me. A big thank you from a simmer with very limited code writing skills. I would have been bored of FSX along time ago if it wasn't for all the developers out there that not only create all these fix's, mod's and addons but also take the time to share with them with others.Thank you,Brett