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  1. I was talking to Sean back in January 2019. Then silence... I tried to reach him via FB messenger, which their FB is now also gone, around May/June but didn't got a reply for about three months later. It was not the owner, but one of the guys helping out on support. Sorry I don't remember his name, and since the FB page is gone I can't try ask again. He mentioned that he had not heard from Sean in about two months, he hinted at a sense of gloom on that. I didn't hear Sean was sick, but I heard the same rumor on the dev for Taxi2Gate; common rumor I guess. So not sure what is going on. Hopefully he or his family is ok and that he just needed time away. Guess I will use it for v4 for a while longer. Jhan
  2. Yeah if you are thinking of buying the base -400, buy now. 😄
  3. I think you all will be impressed with the changes to even the base 747-400; let alone the -8. The 747 has always been my #1 plane to fly, but I was starting to feel it was getting old and outdated; NOT SO NOW with the -8! I absolutely love the -8, I think a lot of others at PMDG will agree too. The introductory manual will have a section on the differences of the -400 and the -8, that and probably Google as well. But please read it, there is some gotcha's that can drive you a bit nuts. I'll only mention one, TCAS switch is different and the first couple of builds I couldn't figure out why the %^&* I had a TCAS OFF message. Hint,you can't just click it until it reaches the end because that is not the right mode. Anyway, you'll figure it out soon enough. Jhan
  4. Hmmmmm.... RSR/PMDG has been in development of this for 10 years. About the time I started as a Beta Tester. There are a couple of Beta Testers that like to read RSR's tea leaves and so far we are batting....0% Ok not 0% but I will tell you that it isn't a whole like higher than that. But being around as a PMDG Customer and then Beta, I think I know what it won't be... Boeing 7x7 or Airbus A3xx or some other aircraft It doesn't take PMDG that long to get a product out the door, I am not aware of any RW aircraft that will not license itself out to sims. Even Airbus is now helping the FS world, but just some personal comments I have had with RSR....I don't think this will be something with a French/German Accent or made in Toulouse/Hamburg. I would love for PMDG to do a 787 or 757/767 but those just don't take 10 years to do. RSR could have been super patient and waited for Level-D to finally go up for sale, but even that is a bit of fiction I can't swallow. PMDG FS Talk about guessing TWO versions of FSX (Flight and FSW) would come out and fail due to stupidity (Sorry I never liked the terms for third party devs for either one) and then turn around and release their own? Building a Sim takes hundreds/thousands of man years (programming speak) to program millions of lines of code. RSR is smarter than that and UNLESS several other devs jumpped into some co-agreement, it could cost a lot of money and never gain it back. Complete X-Plane Catalog I've seen way too many comments to know PMDG has not been secretely developing its entire catalog for X-Plane. Ok I could be wrong and if I am, RSR please sent me a PMDG hat so I can eat it!!! Also please assign me to the Airbus Type Fleet where I can serve out my lifetime punishment! I know PMDG will take a look at ALL sims out there and if there is a COMMERCIAL need and one that is profitable; they will consider it as long as it functionally isn't compromised. (No watered down versions) PMDG has said many times that they learned a painful lesson with the MD-11, it was a plane they wanted to build but commercially it was a flop. RSR said they lead with now with their research and not their hearts. ... And Finally what it isn't! MD-11. The ONLY way I can see PMDG doing an MD-11 is if they put it in their Classics line. But too many interviews, too many posts, to many emails I know that PMDG has moved on and MD-11 will probably be left for many other devs to pursue. Again see my comment above, RSR can send me a PMDG hat and have me eat it if I am wrong. What it is! I really don't know. It is fun to think about it, it is fun to think I know; but right now I couldn't tell you. Could it be some cool ATC addon, maybe. Could it be PMDG is going into the Home Cockpit business; sure but not certain it will make millions of dollars and will have broad appeal. I hope to be there when RSR takes the stage and tells us, like the rest of you I am dying to know!
  5. You know I've wonder what will happen with Boeing numbers after the 797. The number 8 is very lucky to the Chinese so does 808/818/etc look to be it, or maybe 7717 (remember they already used 7707). Hmmmmm Boeing is about as tight lipped as RSR. Maybe they mess with Airbus and do A360/A370. Hahahaha
  6. Oh my!!! What a darling little cutie! What a profound story and one that many of us in ways can relate. I saw one post where a fellow simmer used PMDG while he was in a rough spot while battling cancer. My wife and I had an international adoption go way sideways and it took nearly two years to get our baby home. I used to drown my pain into PMDG beta's, I did a lot of flights from WMKK as I felt somehow closer to my Mimi. But your story is tragically beautiful, you can see the love in her eyes. I have tears in my eyes for you and your family. May God Bless her.
  7. Ah no, your next lifetime after this one and possibly the one after that! ;) I am hoping an OFFICIAL announcement is immanent because RSR is a TEASE! Another beta tester asked him about it, he said it was a misspelling. And enjoy this because RSR is typically very tight lipped, in the past 12 years I've never seen him drop nary a hint of what was next up (including the Beta Team). I figured the next up after -8 was NGXv3, I assumed MAX would come later once all of them were in service; MAX 8/9 have flown, 7 is being built, 10 in about 18 months. So very exciting news indeed!
  8. The harm isn't so much in asking, it is the million and one opinions and vitriolic comments some people give. Anyone that has ever followed PMDG for long knows that RSR pretty much has a plan for the next plane and the one after it in mind for several years out. PMDG once followed their hearts and user comments and the MD-11 was born, but it was not even close to a commercial success. (to many, they absolutely love the MD-11 and they are a passionate group) RSR in an interview mentioned it was an extremely hard lesson to learn for them as a company. PMDG is more than an entertainment company making add-ons for the FS community, they do a lot on the commercial side and I believe this is what drives their road-map of future projects. So the OP has a desire that PMDG do certain A/C, I have expressed my desires a million times to Mr. Randazzo. He listens but at the same time he needs a business case to justify the investment. Thus I think why the PMDG Classics line has appeared, it is a second dev team working on some of the great aircraft of the past. I would love to see a 727 or DC-3; the DC-6 is awesome and really hard to fly but it teaches you respect for pilots of a long ago era.
  9. Great so I have to use a year old Windows (Anniversary Update) that is vulnerable. I have five sims, times that by the number of add-ons I have and we are talking a huge re-investment of time to go backwards. DTG really needs to make sure FSW works on the absolute most current version of Windows 10, Microsoft is super serious about updates. Viva P3dv4!
  10. dtrjones, this was aimed squarely at Aimee and DTG; I've read and tried all of the community threads on this and none have worked. I have submitted a ticket to them, I've had many conversations with tech support on this. They have been sent a ton of information on my setup, hardware, and Windows configuration. I will give them to you if you would like, but they themselves have said they don't know why this is causing an issue; except they believe it a Steam issue. Thus my question to them originally, note I am not trying to make DTG or FSW look bad but I am very tired of being told wait and don't do anything until we get back with you. Since then (Friday of last week) it has been silence and I am sure if you had bought a new sim and it didn't work; you would want answers too. Windows 10 x64 Home Edition (No registry hacks or changes, Creators Update), 12GB of RAM, 2TB of HD. I am running, temporarily until my 1070 comes, an AMD GPU; it might be the cause of the issue but again it has been silent on their end.
  11. Hi Aimee, There is suppose to be a Quality of Life update this week. Do you know if the Invalid Platform error has been resolved? I am really sick and tired being told that "It will get fixed, it is a Steam issue". Every simulator I own (FSX:MS+Accel, FSX:SE, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, XPL10 (Steam for PC and OS X), XPL11) works just fine, I don't get this silly error, but I do with FSW. It sucks buying a new program and it simply won't work. We are reaching the half way mark on when I have to request a refund, but right now I am aiming for that come May 30th, 1400 EDT; hmmm wonder where that date comes from. At least you all could have put me on a beta update cycle and see if it resolves. But I am loosing confidence in DTG! Jhan Jensen
  12. I don't think more simulators is what we need at the moment. We have several very capable ones and adding more will only dilute revenue streams more as 1) cross dev takes time and money, 2) some sims are bound to fail and that means lost investment. I know PMDG has a lot of involvement with the P3D team, FSX will be viable for a few more years until MS makes us all move to Windows 10S. Who knows, Aerofly FS is in its infancy but it could continue to mature, and don't forget that X-Plane is growing and has many loyal die-hard fans. I am more concerned that the community is becoming fragmented and that is dangerous; it can do more harm than good if a stable community becomes fractured. I do believe that PMDG will continue to thrive in the P3D world, but it will be interesting where RSR/PMDG will go if FSW continues down an expensive and unprofitable route for developers. Jhan
  13. Ryan (aka Tabs), At ISTAT in San Diego last week (or maybe the week before), the NMA or MoM (797) was discussed heavily. Randy Tinseth (Boeing VP) mentioned it, as well as United, have stated the concept as it stands right now is a twin isle aircraft; meaning not a narrow body. (See https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/united-very-interested-in-boeing-mom-concept-434905/) there was concept Boeing did a few years ago that was a flattened wide body oval, there is heavy speculation it could be something similar to that. I think Boeing HAS to do a NMA/MoM, the A321neo/A330neo are eating Boeing's 757 lunch. Those do not truly match a 757 as you mentioned and since Boeing killed the 787-3; it will have to do something because the MAX 10 will not do the job either. I had an issue with my Level-D 767 and installing it on a Win 10 version of FSX. I contacted Daryl Shuttleworth on their forum and I got the feeling Level-D had given up on Flight1's wrapper issue as well as their DLLs. I don't have the email anymore but his words were it is was a decade old product and the devs had not actively discussed the 767 or 757. He has not posted anything on the 757 since 2015. Unless something has seriously changed in the last year, I'm not sure Level-D is even still working on Anything!
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