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  1. Reading the small print on the website, I believe the 14-day trial period is free, after that it's payware. I haven't installed it yet so I can't comment, but you never know, it could be worth the $$$.
  2. FlexibleFlier

    Piper Aztec - anyone?

    I tried the Apache first - it was cheaper - but the wiggle got the better of me and I switched to the long nose Aztec, which I learned to like very much. Yes, the trim was strange but she was so stable that it didn't seem to matter too much. Ah, those were the days: the only calculator allowed for the writtens was an E-6B, gas was cheap and there was still some uncontrolled airspace.
  3. FlexibleFlier

    Piper Aztec - anyone?

    I also got my MEL in an Aztec back in the Dark Ages, and then put about 120 hours on one. She was kind of like the girl no-one asked to the Prom: not particularly good looking but really sweet. The blunt nose came off the Apache where it was a cause of some very unpleasant yaw...the thing would wiggle it's way through the air, never holding quite steady. Nothing violent, just very, very annoying. And none of the passengers ever believed it wasn't your fault.
  4. FlexibleFlier

    Best Bush Aircraft

    Check out Aerosoft's Bush Hawk; For pure fun the Wilga; the Fiesler Storch may have the shortest landing distance ever; and, if you're into military, the Westland Lysander (dropped spies and supplies into small fields in WWII) Taildraggers rule!