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  1. Hi Pierre. Very nice. I hope that the author, "Puffmac" will like it too. Pierre, would you like the other spelling corrections? Just a few more to make it 100%. I can PM them to you if you like.Cheers.
  2. Hi Pierre.Very nice job of the PDF mon ami. Merci.You asked for any "changes needed", so I hope this helps as this is such an important Topic:A couple of spelling mistakes in the first paragraph second line, the word "THISD" should be "THIS", and in the second paragraph second line, the word "WICH" should be "WHICH".Page 2: First paragraph the word "REPOSITIONNED" should be "REPOSITIONED" (only one 'N') and in the second paragraph, third line, the word "TAKE" should be "TAKES". Last paragraph on page 2 line 5, the word "INCREASE" should read "INCREASES".That's enough for now. Someone else might like to help you out with the rest.Good Flights everyone.
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