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  1. Hi, I'm running FSX SP2 and i'm running with it an home cockpit (captain+central section+OVH+Pedestal+FMC) with only 1 PC based on Ifly 737 model. I'm using a LED TV 40'' as front view using a 0.80 zoom factor + 1 more screen for PFD and I'm quite happy with it. I need now after many years to revamp my rig and I want to go with this: CPU: i7 7700K (overclock) Mobo: Asus strix Z270G GPU: GTX 1080 Ti Mem: DDR4 3600Mhz CL17 SSD disk Samsung 960 EVO 500Gb With this new config I would like to add 2 more monitors to have side views (front/left and front/right). I know (and here is my question) that adding views can dramatically cause FPS drop in multiscreen. Who has such kind of configuration or can give a tip on it? Do you believe I can go with it or is better to think about 1 more PC for the side views? Many thanks in advance :-) Happy flying
  2. I have 2 leo bodnar on my 737 and they work great. I am not sure anyway if they are still available. Time ago i tried to connect to their website and couldn't go on to the basket. I thought they maybe left retail and concentrated on bigger projects. I was looking for a cap switch they had on stock and now they don't sell it anymore... :-(
  3. Hi, I have a cockpit for the 737 and my suggestion is to avoid touch screens. It's true that maybe you can have flexibility if you want to use more aircrafts but I never seen one that would work flawlessly. Knobs and multifunction switches would be a pain to use with a touch screen. Time ago I considered a touch screen for the FMC, at the end I got an used flyenfravity and was a good choice, for me. If you plan to build yourself a simpit without having a real looking layout, you can always build a simple OVH with real switches/knobs/korrys and assign the different functions via FSUIPC. It's cheap to make and you could use it with different planes if you set different configurations for each plane. To flip a real switch or a knob is a much better feeling than trying to tap on a "little something" on a screen
  4. Me too I can't get nowhere through some sections of their website. They went out of business but it seems soon they'll be back. This year according to the news they posted in january...
  5. Hi, for PMDG offsets look here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Offset_Mapping_PMDG737NGX.pdf I have an OVH made for IFLY 737 but the process to follow is the same. First of all a Leo Bodnar card is great for switches (inputs) but you cannot use it for outputs (read annunciators). If you want to have all in one (input and output) I have chosen flightdecksolution http://www.flightdecksolutions.com/components/interface-it/fds-sys4x-high-capacity-64in-128out-card/ It's pricey but you won't regret it at all. It comes with an easy to use software to connect easily all of your switches and annunciators. Fsuipc (registered version) is a must. you could still use your Bodnar card to connect other switches, I have 2 on my cockpit for example.
  6. ASN is simply a completely new product. The difference IMO is huge. with ASN you can simply launch the program and forget about the rest. If you want you can also load a FP but I never felt that necessary as the weather is updated and injected automatically with many intermediate stations. I never realise when weather injection occurs, no stutters or hangs...and never had surprises when on final. You can access historic weather and the weather search feature is great if you look for specific conditions. Full overcast, fog and flying through the clouds are much better modeled. I use REX for textures but when it comes to weather ASN has no competitors. If I'm not wrong ASN is now on sale and (at least when I purchased) there was a discount for AS2012 users.
  7. Thanks to Tom Jackson for the livery. Upload is on Avsim.
  8. I suggest you to take time to read carefully the manual that comes with PMDG where FMC is explained in detail. It's difficult to understand your question as it seems to me you have not clear what is the FMC about. The approach you have to fly depends on several factors (weather, ATC and of course your fightplan...)
  9. Hi, me too I posted a request on the paint request forum, the fact is what I'm looking for is a CLS DC-10. I see you didn't mention it but there is the paint kit available and I think shouldn't be too much different from the others. I would gladly pay you for this painting and we could agree on PM. Please see the livery at this link or search for LAM DC-10 on airliners.net http://www.airliners.net/photo/LAM---Linhas/McDonnell-Douglas-DC-10-30/1165976/&sid=937e803bb1ff84c2e7f4db04d84bafdb Thanks!
  10. Hi, I would like to have this repaint for FSX. I searched everywhere but there is not such livery on the internet. To the repainter I offer compensation to be agreed via PM. You can see a picture of the plane here: http://www.airliners.net/photo/LAM---Linhas/McDonnell-Douglas-DC-10-30/1165976/&sid=937e803bb1ff84c2e7f4db04d84bafdb or simply search for DC-10 LAM on airliners.net Thank you!!
  11. Come on, man....Have you ever tried to fly in a home cockpit? Xbox and and ps3 are ok for arcade games but if you really want to enjoy some sort of real simming how can you have fun using an xbox control? It would be the same bust as ms flight was.
  12. Please leave open doors to developers, beautiful add-ons like aircrafts, sceneries, airports, made from the well known brands changed the way you approach the sim. The degree of realism brought from PMDG, Aerosoft, Ifly, FSDT only to mention a few is to keep in consideration. The time needed to develop such complex aircrafts like PMDG does require years in development. Unless we want a new sim in 15 years, I think dovetail should work close with them to reach the common goal in a reasonable time. Peripherals interface is the key. I built an home cockpit and wasn't easy. More and more hardcore simmers are getting into the business so please keep an eye on it. Gianluca
  13. I wouldn't call Intimadting VATSIM. About 10 years ago I had my maiden flight online and Vatsim controller where very patient and helpful. Now after 10 years experience with Vatsim I see that newbye are always helped by the controller both on voice than in text for those that feel still unconfortable or are not English speakers. I tried IVAO too several years ago but than I found VATSIM to be more realistic and professional. I usually fly Scandinavia and central Europe and coverage is quite good. Someone complains about transoceanic flights coverage...Never made one, I admit it but simply because I don't see what's the fun to sit in front of a monitor for 8-9 hours waiting to report position...
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