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  1. Hi, I'm running FSX SP2 and i'm running with it an home cockpit (captain+central section+OVH+Pedestal+FMC) with only 1 PC based on Ifly 737 model. I'm using a LED TV 40'' as front view using a 0.80 zoom factor + 1 more screen for PFD and I'm quite happy with it. I need now after many years to revamp my rig and I want to go with this: CPU: i7 7700K (overclock) Mobo: Asus strix Z270G GPU: GTX 1080 Ti Mem: DDR4 3600Mhz CL17 SSD disk Samsung 960 EVO 500Gb With this new config I would like to add 2 more monitors to have side views (front/left and front/right). I know (and here is my question) that adding views can dramatically cause FPS drop in multiscreen. Who has such kind of configuration or can give a tip on it? Do you believe I can go with it or is better to think about 1 more PC for the side views? Many thanks in advance :-) Happy flying
  2. Hi, me too I posted a request on the paint request forum, the fact is what I'm looking for is a CLS DC-10. I see you didn't mention it but there is the paint kit available and I think shouldn't be too much different from the others. I would gladly pay you for this painting and we could agree on PM. Please see the livery at this link or search for LAM DC-10 on airliners.net http://www.airliners.net/photo/LAM---Linhas/McDonnell-Douglas-DC-10-30/1165976/&sid=937e803bb1ff84c2e7f4db04d84bafdb Thanks!
  3. I wouldn't call Intimadting VATSIM. About 10 years ago I had my maiden flight online and Vatsim controller where very patient and helpful. Now after 10 years experience with Vatsim I see that newbye are always helped by the controller both on voice than in text for those that feel still unconfortable or are not English speakers. I tried IVAO too several years ago but than I found VATSIM to be more realistic and professional. I usually fly Scandinavia and central Europe and coverage is quite good. Someone complains about transoceanic flights coverage...Never made one, I admit it but simply because I don't see what's the fun to sit in front of a monitor for 8-9 hours waiting to report position...
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