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  1. I wish they'd release an update for the 737NGX including the new engine start levers (which are the same as in 777), the LED landing lights (only 2 switches in overhead instead of 4) and the new pressurization panel with the LED digits, and push button NAV radio. All of the above mentioned now come as standard with all 737's, not as a customer option. So it's a must have update IMO. It's been already 2 years since the 737's come with that stuff, and developing 737 MAX might take considerable time so just an update to the NGX would be a nice gift for Christmas :D
  2. Anyone to make the new RYANAIR livery? Well it's not exactly new but has noticable changes (the font, logo)
  3. Good to see you back! I still wonder why you removed the older repaints though... anyway, thanks for sharing your work!
  4. Will they be up anytime soon? or down forever?
  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/epdave/13880470863 New Ryanair logojet. EI-EMK featuring "National Express" advert. Would be great to see it in my FSX. )
  6. You really all have no clue, Tell me, how do you think, how easy it is to hijack a B777 nowdays, fly with it for many hours unspotted (even if transponder is off the radar will get primary target return) and then land somewhere. It's absolute bullsh*t, simply not possible.
  7. Amazing work, can't wait to take a ride with both of them. Thanks.
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